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Astral Projection – A Passage to Another Dimension

Everyone of us had experienced their happiest moment in dreams where you can freely fly, date your favorite celebrities or just every impossible things that could happen in your normal life. On this case, you are most likely under the state of astral projection. You are on a different dimension but the world around you is completely similar with the physical world.

Kundalini – Dissolving The Split Mind – A Return To Oneness

Please keep in mind that opposites are an invention and not literal in nature. Opposites split the mind, instead of one mind we have two, as in I love sex but I feel guilty, I feel hate but I know it’s wrong so I will block the feeling.

The Awakening Process and How to Change Your Mindset

This article shows you how to change your mindset, which has to do with connecting with your higher self. Connecting with your higher self is also what activates the awakening process.

Thought Habits to Help You Through Your Day – Hope

If the world weighs you down and you dread the obligations of each morning, you need to learn to eagerly anticipate the good times rather than dread the bad times. Humility, gratitude and hope can take you far if you give them a chance. You just have to think of them in real common sense ways to bring them into your life.

Are You Ready to Create Life on Your Own Terms? Introducing a Technology to Help You Do Just That!

If you ever find yourself getting in a pickle over some triviality and afterwords you feel that you should or could have responded differently then do not despair as their various ways you can change this. But first let me ask you…have you ever found yourself lost in a day dream wondering where on earth you were or what just happened?

Performance in Sport

Your performance in sport will be affected by many factors. The most prominent is your subconscious mind. Over the years, more attention has been directed towards the workings of the subconscious mind and how it can enhance or even at times limit performance in sport.

Do Your Children Have Empowering Beliefs?

So while different people are born with different levels of intelligence, our IQs are not fixed throughout our lifetime. Intelligence can increase with the right mental stimulation. But is there a LIMIT to how intelligent we can become? Can a slow learner truly train himself to become highly intelligent?

Ten Phrases to Eliminate From Your Life!

Could you be sabotaging your success by the words you use? Absolutely! Learn how the phrases you choose affect your mindset.

The Benefits of Tending to Our Dreams

Over the years of doing dreamwork, I have learned why it is so important for us to tend to and listen to our dreams, and to make them a part of our daily experience. This article explains some of those reasons.

Are Brain Games For Adults Essential?

As your body ages with time, your brain also tends to age. This process starts when you cross the age of 30 in most cases. Diseases like Alzheimer’s or dementia are results of a weak or an aged brain. However, there are certain measures you can undertake for keeping your brain healthy and alert. One of the measures is brain games which are designed for actually exercising your brain and polishing its capacities. These brain games for adults are very essential so as to work efficiently.

Create Wealth by Using the Right Mindset

You don’t have to be born rich or be the smartest or most innovative person in the world to be rich. Here are a few tips about how to muster up the proper mindset so you can make more money.

Why Are Brainbashers Games Beneficial For You?

The human brain is very complex and has a lot of potential. However, most of us tend to use our brain very marginally and therefore a lot of potential in the brain is left unused.

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