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The Powers of Mind and How to Use Them

This is going to be a disturbing, but based on real facts article for you to read, and this is going to be a disturbing, but based on real facts article for me to write. Thinking is the chief power of the mind, and how we use it depends on how beyond our animal nature we get in existence and life. Sure, I can tell you this, not too many people use their real mind power which is truly conscious creative thinking and thought, not just the “amazing” feats, such as moving objects with the mind without touching them and the things like that. Sure, I talk about the most basic power of the mind.

Idle Minds and Intelligent Brains

It has been traditional in most educational establishments to discourage children from daydreaming. By not concentrating, so the logic goes, they not only miss out on what they are supposed to be learning, but develop sloppy and lazy habits of mind.

Dream Interpretation – Science and New Attitude to All Life Challenges

The unconscious wisdom works like medicine and like the philosophy of life, giving you a superior vision about human existence and a detailed image of your psychical content. You learn how to control your behavior, without letting your primitive self dominate your thoughts and alter your attitude while you face all challenges of life.

What is the Secret to the Secret?

What is the Secret to Manifesting? Everyone who writes about manifesting and the law of attraction or the secret seems to miss one major point.

How to Do Anything

Everybody has this little thing inside them they want to really want to do. Learn how you can do anything here.

Keeping Your Mind Focused to Reach Your Goals

Every so often, we find ourselves falling victim to procrastination. However, when we let this become our way of life, we end up leading disorganized lives.

Attitude of Mind

“The attitude of mind necessarily depends upon what we think. Therefore, the secret of all power, all achievement and all possession depends upon our method of thinking.” -Charles Haanel The two words that jumped out at me in this quote are Attitude and Method of Thinking.

Mindset and the Negative Impact of Small Distinctions – Try is a Four Letter Word

Does mindset determine outcome and, if so, how do passive aggressive words like ‘try’ impact mindset? I’ve come to the conclusion that ‘try” is a four letter word.

Your Amazing Subconscious Mind – Part II

I was twelve years old and I just got my first computer, a Commodore 64. To me the computer was the most powerful thing in the world. With a computer there wasn’t anything you couldn’t do.

Your Amazing Subconscious Mind – Part III

So what is it that has allowed me to play the piano, program a computer and other skills without any prior instruction? Was I just born with the skills? Actually yes I was?

How Many Fires Can a Person Put Out?

Why does it always feel like you are in over your head and there is no life guard to be found? Could it be the choices that you have made in the past has lead you to your present?

Controlling Your Subconscious Mind – How to Achieve Your Dreams

Learn to use your subconscious and you will have a better, calmer, happier life. You can do anything with your mind and it makes no difference at all whether you believe it will work or not. Why will it work if you don’t believe it will?

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