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Want a Sharp Brain? – Try to Change Some of Your Habits

Once you are over 50, you slowly start worrying about certain things. Your body is sagging a bit (or a lot), your weigh more than you used to and your memory is becoming – uh uh shall we say “less sharp”. Welcome to senior citizenship, on behalf of all the other members of the club! Just teasing you, I want you to read the good news as well.

You Want to Have a Sharp Brain Again? – Start Eating More Fish

The shops with herbal, mineral and vitamins supplements are everywhere, trying to talk you into buying their products. They are supposed to be good for your body, your brain, your hair… you name it, and they have got it.

Want to Keep Your Brain in Good Shape? – Read a Book!

Reading a book is a great thing to do. A book can take you away to another world, into someone else’s life and into plots that will presumably never happen in your own life. Reading educates you, entertains you and helps you to keep your brain in the best shape possible.

How to Improve Your Study Skills

This article is about how to improve grades in school. Topics of Study Skills, Memorization Techniques, Organization, Habit Forming, and Building Commitment are covered.

Are You a Carrot, Egg Or Coffee Bean?

During the great depression, Alina, a young girl, was torn apart, having lost her child, a jobless husband at hand, influenza in the neighborhood, a cracked roof overhead (through which the peeping rain was no pleasure)… it was not easy. The only person she felt she could speak with was her mum, a wizened young lady of 45, who was herself in no better shape, albeit 5 hours away in the countryside. Alina decided she would go see her mum…

Weekly Awesomeness Awareness

Life is to be lived, enjoyed and appreciated. Every day is a day to be celebrated. Sounds like I am viewing life through rose colored glasses? No. I do have a life filled with gratitude. When you look at your life and choose to celebrate the good things, you will find that you receive more blessings. You will always receive more of whatever you give your time, energy and focus. Why not focus on the things you choose to receive?

3 Ways to Improve Brain Fitness

There are many techniques in which a person can implement to improve their brain fitness. But the fact is, beginners are often overwhelmed by the choices instead of getting excited. For this reason, let’s start with the simplest ways to improve your brain. Implement it and see results.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is a repository of all the things you have been taught. It contains your emotions and the way you perceive events.

Meditation As a Brain Training Exercise

In the proceedings of National Academy of Sciences 2004, David Watson presented about how the brains of Buddhist monks who meditated seem to be more coordinated and organized in processing mental activities. The study, is not the only one of its kind. Neuroreport 2005, reported how meditating 40 minutes a day increases gray matter – the thickness of which indicates the total number of nerve cells.

Exercise Your Mind With Games

While there are many ways of mind exercise you can choose, one of them you should consider is playing mind games. Playing mind games is good option because you can have fun while also exercising your mind at the same time.

Self Mastery – Mastering the Three Levels of Consciousness

When we learn to master the three levels of consciousness, focusing them in the same direction, fantastic manifestations are guaranteed. Come along with a Transformational Coach to see how it’s done.

Vision – What Do You See When You Open Your Eyes?

Spirituality is defined as ‘spirits or energy with an eternal relationship beyond the bodily senses, time and the material world’. In other words, we will soon practice a great sense of self-control so as to traverse ‘beyond the bodily senses, time and the material world.’

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