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The Law of Cause and Effect – Is it the Same As the Law of Attraction?

Everything vibrates. We can’t necessarily see it, but the vibration’s there, nevertheless. If you tear off a piece of a leaf and put it under a powerful microscope, you’ll see movement. You certainly won’t see it simply by looking at the leaf, nor will you feel it, but the vibration’s there…

Do You Run Away From Toxic People?

The word you use, hear from others and read can cause you physical pain because your Nonconscious mind accepts them as fact. Powerful new scientific research proves the power of words on your body and mind. Start now.

Do You Know the Power of Your Mind?

Do you know the power of your mind? You must have heard of the term subconscious mind. Though you may be skeptical about the power of your mind, let me tell you the fact that the subconscious mind is the ultimate power that a human being can ever process.

Your Amazing Subconscious Mind – Part I

When I sit down to play the piano my subconscious takes over. It has to. There is no way you could consciously think, put this finger here and that finger there and that finger there with this hand.

Science and the Subliminal Message

Many people wonder of subliminal messages are in any way effective. Even though the Internet is filled with self improvement products that claim to use subliminal messages to help you reach your goals most people are still not sure if they work. Well science can finally answer that question once and for all.

Brainteaser Questions – Unlocking the Mysteries of the Interview Puzzle

Some employers like to throw a brainteaser question into the mix just to see how your brain works. If you understand how interview puzzles work, you’ll have an easier time when faced with one during an important interview. Read more now.

iMindMap Your Life the Way You Want It

Life in the world has to have a meaning. Everyone wants to be something big, they want to imagine the best of things and achieve them. And for any big achievement, it takes much planning and coming up with great new ideas.

Add Colors to Your Life With iMindMap Elements

iMindMap is a well known mind mapping program that has been widely used by many successful people on earth. Find out how iMindMap can add colors to your life from this article now.

Mind Power Is Mind Over Matter

The art of living well also begins with the mind. How you live your life, and how happy you are depend on on how you think. It is all in the mind — the thinking mind.

Emotional Intelligence IQ Starts Early

Can people really be taught how to control their intelligence or cultivate a behavior reaction that might be contrary to their emotional makeup? This may sound like a strange concept. Studies have shown that emotions are generally subjective. As individuals we have our own way of reacting to outside stimulus.

Mind Power

Mind power with positive intentions can change your subconscious mind to improve your health and well-being. What you do and how to react to events in your life depend on your thoughts. It is all in the mind. To change your thoughts, you need positive belief and positive intentions.

How to Improve Your Brain Power

Your brain is like any muscle on your body. Use it often and will stay strong and healthy. Therefore, it is essential that you keep using your brain in different ways. Below are some activities that you can engage in to keep your brain in great condition.

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