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The Power of Your Mind is Between Your Ears!

When we were created we were given the power of choice or free will. This power we were given is demonstrated by the fact that our thoughts build ideas.

What Does Your Mind Say About You?

The mind is one of the most powerful elements of a persons being. It has the ability to destroy a person and to make some one crumble to their knees, to reek havoc and chaos and stop a person in their tracks. However, at the same time the mind can be trained and manipulated it can be taught to love its owner and create the most amazing results and successes.

Positive Mind Power – Hour After Hour

To make a fundamental shift away from any limitations we see ourselves as having we need to be mindful of the fact that we always act in accordance with who we see ourselves as. Remember,nothing changes until something changes. Therefore it is vital, using the power of your mind, to focus on the trust you feel from within before you can offer trust to others.

How Do You Control Your Mindset?

My wife and I are both golfers and have been playing for a long time. I often wonder what changes from one round to another, or in some cases the front nine to the back nine. I can only speak for myself, but I often try to understand why I can play like two different people.

Intuition – What Do You Do When it Speaks?

What if your intuition guides you to do something you don’t want to do? Do you listen to it? Do you follow its guidance?

3 Tips to Bring Out the Magic in Your Mind

Do you ever feel that your life is passing you by, and even worse you don’t know how it happened? Do you feel that others are in control of your destiny and your life is not your own? You may feel that there is no way you can change your life positively, as you never get a lucky break, so why should you expect all that to change for the better?

AND Power – Power For Thinking and Action Based in Wisdom and Truth

Don’t get me wrong with this message… this is not an excuse for busyness. But, it is a reason and a vehicle for much POWER. We exist in an age–that called “humanity”–where we readily see options to do this, that or the other. Why, instead, don’t we see the very real possibilities for doing things in tandem and concurrently? This is not doing everything; it’s merely being open to the possibilities.

The Ultimate Guide to Lucid Dreaming – Part 1

Over the last year, I made it a goal of mine to learn how to lucid dream. After failing many times and almost giving up, I finally had my first lucid dream and since then I have only improved.

Develop Your Mind by Playing Online Mind Games

Playing online mind games online is a trend is catching on real fast. People have come to know the many advantages that these games offer. In addition to all the fun and excitement, the online mind games serve the dual purpose of providing memory training as well. There are different types of games that interests different age groups.

What is the Peak State of Flow Like?

What would it be like to achieve the peak state of ‘flow’? Have you done it yet? Do you want it more consistently?

Online Brain Puzzles For Developing Your Mind

Brain is the supreme head of all human activity and any malfunction of the brain can topple your normal life. The brain is a network center of receiving external stimulus, decoding the information received and storing it for later reference/posterity. And the brain needs to be constantly fed with constructive work/task for superior performance.

How to Discipline Your Mind

It is wisely said that a man is but the product of his thoughts. What he thinks, he becomes. Yet our mind is full of millions of thoughts of which we seem to have no control.

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