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The Best Dream Control Technique – Finding Your Personal Dream Control Style

The best dream control technique is to find a method of control that works for you. What works for one person may not work for another and this can lead to frustration and disbelief that influencing your dreams is possible. Instead of trying someone else’s strategy, do some digging to uncover your own best method for dream control.

Learning is Forever and Ever!

At the age of 84, Kimani Nganga Maruge became the oldest person to enroll in primary school as he was anxious to learn how to read and do math. He wanted to be able to read the Bible and keep track of his small pension.

The Right Mindset Equals Entrepreneur

What does your mind say about you? Why are so many entrepreneurs successful and what is one of the necessary components to their success?

Qualities of a Superior Mindset

A superior mindset has certain qualities which aren’t common in the general populace. By bringing these qualities into your life, you can achieve much greater levels of success than you could ever imagine. We will explore some of these qualities in this article.

How to Improve Your Dream Recall – 3 Steps to Help Remember Your Dreams

Use these techniques on how to improve your dream recall and remember your dreams more often. Everyone dreams when they sleep. In fact, it’s believed that you have 4-6 dreams each night. However, not everyone remembers their dreams as clearly as others. You can improve that skill with these three steps.

A Great Learning Experience With iMindMap

Mind mappings have been greatly used not only by the world’s most successful businesses, but also to those who are learning. With iMindMap, you are now able to enjoy a greater learning experience and find out how it can be done from this article now…

A Growth Mindset Leads to Successful Aging

If you have a growth mindset you believe that your basic characteristics are there for you to build upon and that you have the opportunity throughout life to discover your untapped potential. This article discussed the value of developing growth mindset in the second half of life.

How to Make Successful Decisions and How to Take Successful Actions

Before we can say anything about action or reaction, we need to say something about the content embedded action. An action contains pain, pleasure or both are an index of moral progress, since good conduct contains in a proper attitude towards pleasure and pain.

The Supremacy of Mind Over Matter

The mind is a beautiful phenomenon, mysterious in nature, complex and very powerful. It is the door through which you can see the realities of life. It is like a gate through which you can come in and also you can go out. The intrinsic nature of mind is to enquire. It is this state of quality that made humanity to walk through all this distance.

The Chess Set – An Educational Tool?

How could a chess set figure in personal development? This article takes a brief look at this from the perspective of child development, however, it is equally applicable to the continued personal development of individuals regardless of age, and seeks to establish the chess set, as an alternate form of learning.

The Secret to Accelerated Learning

The secret: When you “learn” something, what you are really doing is remembering something you already know. To some that may sound way out there.

What Your Dreams Are Trying to Tell You – Clues to Your Subconscious Fears and Phobias

Dreams are the visual images of your brain at work while you sleep. What your dreams are trying to tell you, in a bizarre language of their own, is that there are fears and phobias that are troubling you either in response to current events in your life or as a result of long held beliefs and opinions you have about yourself.

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