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Dreams of Wind – The Significance

Howard Thurmond, Morehouse College professor and mystic, wrote about wind and how wind moves through a person’s life. Wind shakes some things loose and maybe even turns some things upside down. Wind shakes off what is loose that needs to be shaken around, and brings with it a fresh breath of air. This article discusses the significance of dreams about wind.

Are You Learning From Your Mistakes?

Mistakes are a wonderful opportunities to learn and grow. Because of the many negative experiences we have with mistakes – especially when we are children – we do not value mistakes.

Life Lives in Questions, Death Lives in Answers, Life in A New Consciousness

The whole world wants to have answers. We get rewarded for having the answer. We get to be right, be smart, or feel important. And there we stay or accumulate more answers. Feeding the new consciousness starts with questions.

Powerful Thoughts

I wish I may I wish I might a child’s night time wish. As a child most of us have laid in bed and before drifting off to sleep quietly chanted this wish. It was somehow magical then and it is still magical as we are now adults. What we don’t realize is our night time thoughts are possibly our most powerful and creative thoughts.

What Is a Belief System?

Your core values are like the anchor of your belief systems. Experiences can also shape belief systems. We use labels to describe our physical characteristics, intellectual acuity, socio-economic level, and so on. These combined labels create our belief systems about ourselves.

The Signs of a Weak Mind

Do you ever consider how stretchy your mind really is? Or like most people are you so busy with every day tasks it takes you all your time to remain feeling sane? Our minds are much like any muscle in our bodies with regular effort and training they grow stronger and more resourceful and without, well you can’t remember where you left the keys, what day it was and what is it this article is on about?!

The Indestructible Man

Death, the destruction that awaits every living thing, human beings in particular has troubled the very existence of life in this world. The word, death, send shivers down the spine of every living human being simply because it cuts short our existence here on earth but we should be more scared of living while we are already dead, the situation of someone who’s mind has not been activated to achieve greatness hence, living a life been mesmerized by poverty, lack, shame, failure E.T.C

Love Energy – How to Increase Love Energy

Prayer, meditation, and devotion will increase love energy. This can begin gradually, perhaps a few minutes every morning and every evening; and then as you begin to experience the benefits, you will begin to look forward to this and find more time for it throughout the day. Some are able to remain in a continuous state of devotion and prayer.

Love Energy – Apathy and How to Reverse It

Relationships that lead to marriage usually begin with intense love and romance. This is so wonderful that persons begin to want more, but as soon as they want more, it is gone because you cannot get happiness. It is the by-product of giving.

Love Energy – The Forgiveness Factor And Treating Mental Illness

Christians believe that with salvation, all is forgiven and forgotten. When we consider the sum total of all bitter, revengeful, spiteful, non-forgiving thoughts (negative energy outward), combined with all ego needs, desires, selfishness (energy we direct back to the self) over the course of an entire lifetime, that’s quite a promise.

Love Energy – Utilizing Love Energy in Therapy

It is said that anxiety is contagious, and persons nearby become restless. The same holds true for depression. One person can cast a shadow over an entire room. Similarly, peace, joy, and serenity are contagious. They can be transferred from one person to another, but rarely do we encounter a person who exists in total love.

Love Energy – Two Separate Channels for the Flow of Energy

If we pair the inward and outward flow of energy differently, we gain still another insight and perhaps the most important of all: On one plane there is the sending out of love and the receiving of the suffering of others. On the other plane, there is desire and wanting things for the self, which includes lust and greed, and then sending out bitterness, hatred, and non-forgiveness when we do not receive what we want. Love can be neutralized by an equal amount of pride, selfishness, greed, desire directed back to the self, or by an equal amount of…

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