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How to Know What Lies Behind People’s Real Personality

It is very easy to hide your real personality the first time you meet someone. But, to tell you how nice people really are, you can see it when they are in public transportation or using their vehicles. When doing these things, they are what they truly are.

Peak Performance – How the Way You Learn Can Have an Effect on You

You learn best by focusing on your learning style. There are many ways to discover how you find that out. Learn from each one and apply it into your own life.

Top 3 Reasons For Playing Brain Training Games

If you read the words brain and training you may think, oh no that sounds like work. But that’s the beauty of brain training games. They are designed to train the brain through game playing. And who doesn’t enjoy some kind of game?

Simple But Sure Tips For Thinking and Brain Power Improvement

Have you experienced being discouraged since you actually feel like you brain has stopped developing in the process and you cannot think in a smarter way now than you actually used to before? Normally, people tend to get memory gaps as they age, the brain may also function slower in your youth depending on your lifestyle. We need to enhance our brain as we age to enjoy everything.

3 Proven Strategies to Chill an Emotional Meltdown

Life has it’s ups and downs, its curves and bends. Master the art of staying in the game, so you can win at life!

Mind Programming Method – Ways Proven to Work

When every child is young what happens is that all his beliefs are formed between the ages of 0 and 10. After this period all your beliefs and actions have a direct link with what you heard; saw did and believed in when you were still very young.

Mentalism Secrets and Tricks – How to Use Mentalism to Get Into Someone’s Mind

Serious mentalism secrets and tricks involve reading minds, understanding behavior and predicting outcomes. You’ll be able to find out how your boss is going to react, what your friends are hiding or even increase your chances of getting someone’s number without a sweat.

Increase Brain Power – 3 Brain-Boosting Secrets to Enhance Your Mental Abilities

The brain is the mastermind of your body. And given the opportunity, your brain can lead you to overwhelming success. This article shows you how to increase brain power to achieve great things in life.

Tips to Unleash Power of the Mind

Is there anything like power of the mind? Absolutely yes, there is and if you are not yet discovered this, then you are missing on the ingredients to life fulfillment. How then can you unlock this power of the mind?

Are You Swimming Against the Tide?

In order to be a person of faith and action, we must let go of trying to control the outcome and the way we think things should go. When I was in my early twenties, I thought I had it all figured out. You know what I mean, I didn’t even know who I was, but for some reason I thought things would just naturally fall into place and I would get everything I wanted and more!

How to Hone Your Genius

We are all a genius at something! The key to utilizing this is to discover where your genius lies. You may be a genius at memorizing, writing or making the best coffee ever! The point is, you my friend are a genius and the sooner you embrace this, the sooner you can uncover your life purpose.

Thought Swapping Could Revolutionize Innovation in a Very Profound Way

Imagine in the future, a not so far off future, when our Smart Phones are small chips implanted in our brains, allowing us to not only send the proverbial “text-message” but rather an actual thought. That day is coming and it is only a matter of time when we can map an individual human brain, and convert those signals to ones and zeros, then send it and un-zip it in the device in another’s brain, hopefully one of your social networking pals?

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