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Vitality Or Health – Which Matters More In Your Life?

“Vitality” is often cited in connection with “Health”, both terms are nouns; but while – hopefully you “are Healthy” (adj.), you may “have Vitality” (v.tr.). If you don’t, you may want to vitalize, or re-vitalize, which will also make you healthier. However, when you say: “I’m Healthy”, the Vitality is implied, because if you say: “I’m Healthy but have no Vitality”, your listener will understand that you don’t feel Sick. It follows that if in common American parlance, Healthy means: not Sick; then, does: “I have Vitality” necessarily imply that I’m Healthy? Why does this distinction matter? A clear definition of the terms could lead to huge economical and societal benefits. Let’s just analyze.

How To Get That Winning Edge Using Subliminal Messages

There are two types of people in this world. Those who get what they want and those who dream about what they want but never quite get there. Which group are you in?

Why You Should Care About Daydreaming

The smarter you are, the better you are at zoning-out. Why? You contact your right-hemisphere, nonconsciousness for intuition and help solving your challenges. Creativity and imagination combine both left and right brains in communication.

How Many Psychics Does It Take?

You don’t need a group of people to work on your psychic skills. You don’t need expensive crystal balls, or an ancient skull. You can stretch those psychic cells any time, any place, by gathering up some easy to find thing and turning them into psychic tools.

Discover the Power of Visualization

A lot has been written about the Law of Attraction but not so much about how to apply it in your every day life to attain your desires. Creative visualization is a powerful technique that will get you there. You are about to find out the highly effective methods of visualization that can enable you to manifest your goals.

Focus – Power of Thought

What in fact are accidents? Somehow the word accident implies that the event causing the injury was unexpected and in some way unavoidable. But if we take a closer honest look, we will discover that most accidents though unplanned, are logical consequences of how we are thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Subconscious Mind Power – Life-Changing Mental Movie Making – 3 Steps to Success That Cannot Fail

Regardless of what you are or what you have been, you can still become what you may want to be. Utilizing the power of the subconscious mind is the single most important ingredient to success in everything in life – relationships, careers, money, happiness – you name it. In this article, we describe how you can create a life-changing mental movie in 3 simple steps that cannot fail utilizing the power of the subconscious mind.

Brain Chemistry and Your Relationships

Dr. John Gray’s new book, Mars and Venus on Ice, discusses the impact of neurochemistry on relationships. He asks why it is that most women love to meander and socialize while shopping, whereas most men prefer a quick ‘go in-get what they need and get out’ approach? Believe it or not, the reasons are rooted in both neurochemistry and evolution. If your relationships are worth preserving in the most comfortable and uplifting way, do consider learning more about the impact of neurochemistry on why we do what we do.

How to Attain Subliminal Mind Control

Subliminal technology is becoming more and more popular among individuals interested in personal development therapies. The idea behind this technology is quite unique and effective in dealing with positive human behavioral changes. All you need to do to affect a change in your personal life attributes is to only listen or view some predetermined sounds or images to influence a prearranged thought pattern in you subconscious mind. What follows from such activity is that your subconscious mind gets information and adjusts accordingly to whatever information encoded on the subliminal. Subliminal mind control technology is known to be among the best therapies that leave no side effects after use.

Factors Attributed To The Well Trained Mind

Describing a healthy mind can be as far reaching as facets available for good brain functions and development. However in an acceptable description of a healthy mind would denote normal brain functions which are influential in affecting acceptable normal individual lifestyle. An individual can be termed to have unhealthy mind when the individual brain’s activities affect negative irrational lifestyle.

Masters of Time

We seldom ask questions about what we use, misuse, and abuse every day–Time. Is time physical, part of nature, or is it psychological, par of our nature, and thus, indirectly Nature?

Attaining Superior Mind Power Through Brain Exercises

The brain is central controlling organ in the body; each and every activity is controlled by impulse from the brain. It is very important for an individual to maintain positive brain development for better brain judgment and overall human personality. It is very possible for an individual to destroy their lives through negative lifestyle since the brain can always adapt to whatever situation it’s generally exposed to, for instance drug addiction is very easy people with drug additive problems have trained their brains to function better when under influence on the addictives.

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