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Brainwave Stimulation

Brainwave stimulation or entrainment as it is known is when the brain is given a rhythmic sensory stimulation. This could either be pulses of sound or light, when given this rhythmic stimulation the brain responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the same rhythm. This is known as the frequency following response or FFR for short.

Understanding the Subconscious Mind is Critical to Your Success!

A blank page, an empty reel from birth, is the subconscious mind. It latches on to any and all information that is presented to it. Good or bad, all is recorded and saved, like a huge computer file. It also behaves a lot like a computer virus, feeding thoughts that have accumulated over a lifetime of non stop recording. These negative, unproductive thoughts are parasites to our success and prosperity.

How to Create a Millionaire Mindset

First of all, what does it mean to have a millionaire mindset? Is such a mindset for anybody and everybody? How can a normal person like you and I achieve such a mindset? Do you have a personal goal setting?

Mental Toughness – The Secrets You Should Know!

Because human beings are sensitive, there are several ways we can bring on depression and stress. Unfortunately, a lot of reproach still surrounds the effects of mental health. If we become sick with a physical ailment, we are more than willing to divulge this information to others. However, being unhappy is often seen by the individual as a sign of personal deficiency.

Perception Versus Reality – What You Need to Know

Each person will have his or her version of what they remember of a given situation. You may remember the picture that either looks like an old lady or a young woman, right? It depends on one’s perspective on what they see. If a person does not have a memory of something, it may be hard for them to even recognize that it exists.

Mastering Mind Power Like a Mental Genius

In the crux of the matter, many people in the world are trying to master their cerebral and mastering mind power has been something that has caught up some popularity in the world today. This is perhaps the next step of self empowerment and evolution within the human race.

Exploring the Human Mind and Its Abilities

What is the human mind able to do? It seems as if we don’t know the limits of the human mind, we only expect or suspect their limits. It also appears there are people amongst us, let’s call them human plus, which are indeed able to do things that others cannot do with their minds.

Brain Training to Prevent Mild Cognitive Impairment – Simple Tips to Brain Training

Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) is a leading indicator of serious memory problems. Although not as severe as dementia, it is somewhere between normal and dementia.

Power of Mind – How to Attain Great Success in 3 Simple Steps!

The power of mind is a concept that has been around for a very long time. It refers to our ability to control our own lives without getting influenced by any negative external forces. Whether you realize it or not, this idea actually plays an important role in determining our success in life. Many names have also been evolved around this same idea, such as “we are what we think we are”, “Positive Thinking” and “Law of Attraction”. So how is it possible that simply by using our power of mind, we can get what we want?

How to Be a Mentalist – 3 Cool Tips to Read Minds Without Being a Psychic

Do you want to know how to be a mentalist? The mind reading tips in this article are designed to make it easy for anyone to go inside another person’s head.

The THINKER – Active and Passive Thinker (Part 1 of 3)

Discussing “The Law of Thinking” then we have to talk about the “Thinker”. Understand what a thinker is can be explained in many ways. You can categorize it. You can teach yourself to learn to be more of a thinker. But most important is to understand what a thinker is and that you and me and everybody are great thinkers.

Embrace Your Intuition

We all are intuitive, although some people do not recognize it in themselves. Learn what your intuition is, and how it presents itself to you. Once you learn how to use and grow it, you will reach new heights in all aspects in your life.

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