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A Simple Exciting Way to Improve Your Brain

Most of us would like to think that we are in control of our actions. But the truth is, there’s a relatively small amount of actions that we do that are the result of our pro-activity.

How Exercises Improve Your Brain

What do exercises have to do with your brain? If you think exercises only benefit your muscles and your heart, think again.

Get Sudoku to Develop Your Children’s Intelligence

Sudoku and other logic puzzles are perfect for developing your growing child’s brain. The more different types of learning the child is exposed to during the developing years, the better for brain development.

3 Simple Techniques to Improve Your Brain

Your brain is arguably your highest leverage in life. Unlike most of other body parts, improve your brain and you’ll improve almost all aspects of your life. But is it really possible to improve your brain?

How to Influence People – Getting What You Want in Life

Learning how to influence people can help you in achieving many things in life, that’s why there are so many people searching for this term on the Internet. It is an art or a skill that can be applied in your daily life, in the workplace, family or even in the dating game.

Animation of Visualization

Have you ever heard the saying “mind over matter?” This saying wouldn’t have stuck around for so long if it didn’t have some value of truth.

8 Tips For Effective Learning

Do you often wish you’d ace those dreaded tests with ease? Do you often wish why that-certain-someone always gets straight A’s without cheating? If you do, follow this eight tips and in no time you’ll have straight A’s too because most likely that-certain-someone is using some of these tips outlined below.

Chakras – How Do They Affect Our Psychic Mind?

This article discusses the role chakras play in our ability to become psychic. Chakras are energy wheels/centers within the body. There are a variety of chakras in the body, though western minds typically focus on seven. When chakras are clean and healthy, energy flows freely within the body. When our chakras are unbalanced, we experience dis-ease in the body.

How You Can Naturally Acquire Information

Assimilating new information can be challenging. There are some simple techniques that you can use to acquire new information pleasant, without making rote memorization a chore.

How to Improve Concentration – Hot Tip Number 1 – Listen

The practice of purposeful listening is THE most effective way I know of in answer to the question of how to improve concentration. It’s simple to do and always an option. Since we don’t all mean the same thing when we refer to the word “listening”, it is worth elaborating on. Listening is a skill that can, and should be learned.

Self Improvement – Using Your Mind

Self-improvement as the heading indicates exactly that you yourself need to improve. No one else is going to help you achieve your goals. Sure, there might be people who encourage you or motivate you which are truly wonderful to have but it still all depends on you.

Brain Challenge Games – Use it Or Lose It

You’ve no doubt heard the expression, use it or lose it. This usually refers to physical fitness and is a true statement of what happens if we get lazy with our workouts. But the brain needs to be kept as fit as the rest of the body. The fun way to do it is through brain challenge games.

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