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Five Steps to Change the Belief System

What exactly is belief? It is only just a thought or an idea where feeling of sureness is associated. This feeling of sureness comes from our past experiences or references which make a distinction between idea and belief.

How to Cure Negative Thinking

A fact is that negative thinking causes stress. Stress that is not healthy for you so cure to negative thinking is a must. Yes, you cannot avoid thinking negatively. Every now and then pessimism hits you. But you can combat this by immediately acting to these negative thoughts. Here are some ways on how to cure negative thinking.

Discovering the Power of Subconscious Mind

You may have heard about the power of the subconscious mind, based on your experiences, you may have a look of bit curiosity or may be skeptic about such information, but the truth is that the power of subconscious mind is real, it exist, you only need to uncover it and learn more about how to use it, because if you can use this power thus you may be able to pave a way for more happy and fulfilled life. What is the power of the subconscious mind?

Is Brain Training For You?

Going to the gym is giving your body a workout. Brain training is like going to the “mind gym.” Imagine your brain as a muscle: With regular workouts increasing in the levels of difficulty, you get better performance from the muscle as a result.

Human Origin and Dignity

Humans are special specie in all of existence, sharing special qualities and attributes different and superior to that of other species; making humans the managers of lower species of existence. The above distinction of humans from other forms of existence should naturally instill in all humans a sense of dignity.

Improve Your Memory Power by Playing Matching Memory Games

Memory does not remain in a supreme form for a lifetime; it tends to decline with time due to various internal and external factors. One of the contributing factors for the fading memory is age, as you grow older your brain too starts showing signs of aging and the first function that gets affected is memory. An inactive mind or a highly stressful mind can also lead to poor memory.

Tasteful Influence

Be the tasteful influence at home and in the work-place. Be the salt of the earth!

Great Holiday Stress Busters That Deliver Profound Peace

An entire nation decides that its time to celebrate everything at once and the malls are packed! With the pressures surmounting check out these tips to keep the stress at bay. This will help you put things into perspective.  

Step One is All it Takes!

My daughter Elizabeth and I attended an open house at the college she decided to attend. The dean spoke to the students and posed this riddle to them. “Five frogs are sitting on a log. Four decide to jump off. Question: How many are left?” We looked at each other thinking – duh – that’s pretty obvious, there’s only one left – but here is what he said.

How to Handle Bad Emotions

Why do we need to control our feeling? There is research that indicates that humans have 60,000 thoughts a day. Of course, it is not easy to sort out which thoughts are positive and negative where a few tens of thousands of these thoughts.

Anxiety and the Marketing Strategy of Over-Complication

If you were in the business of selling products said to relieve the symptoms of some condition, it would be in your best interests to promote that condition as much as possible. You would want to sell that condition so you can sell the solution to the symptoms of the condition, the more you raise the awareness of the condition, the more sales you will have. You certainly wouldn’t want the idea that the condition was something that could be easily overcome getting out.

Wrapping the Mind Around Quantum Consciousness

We are about to enter a topic of immense complexity, its name is quantum consciousness. The easiest way for most of us to grasp this concept, is to see quantum consciousness as a combination of viewing consciousness both scientifically and philosophically.

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