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Mind Movies Move Minds

“Can a positive thinking Mind Movie makes much of a difference in your life? You bet it can!” and the best news of all is that if you put aside just one afternoon you can even learn how to create a professional Mind Movie of your own.

You Do Not Need a Computer to be Involved in Brain Training

When your memory is not what it used to be, causing you irritation and embarrassing situations, it might be high time you took up some brain training. By giving your brain a daily work out of 15 to 20 minutes you re-grow your brain, enhance the power of those grey cells and thus strengthen your memory as well.

Moderate Your Number of Alcoholic Drinks Before Starting Your Brain Training

Is your memory serving you well? Always there when you need it, alert and sharp, never missing a clue? Good for you! Either you are still quite young – under 30 – or you take such a good care of yourself that it is only logical your “hard disk” is at its prime.

Mind Body & Spirituality With Emphasis on Dr Deepak Chopra & Others

Does your body make things happen, or is it your mind? Many have formed considerable debates around this topic, but few have touched upon it as frequently as Dr. Deepak Chopra, and Dr. Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor and Rhonda Byrne of The Secret. But is there a way to determine who’s right from these two groups?

Improving Concentration – Would Your Life Improve If You Had Albert Einstein’s Ability to Focus?

So What if, you did learn to avoid distractions with a high level of Concentration? Do you think, You would be able to: * Get your work done faster, with higher quality?

The Healing Power of the Mind

I’m sure you’ve heard of the sensational stories of people who have claimed to have healed through just the use of the power of the mind. So do you ever wonder if using the power of the mind can actually heal illnesses?

Have You Sold Out to Outer Success?

When we have outer success and it leaves us feeling unhappy, we convince ourselves that the reason we are unhappy is because we do not have the “thing” that we really wanted and we believe that is the main cause of our unhappiness.

How Great Ideas Are Born

As you activate your mind to think, information is collected and analysed inside your brain. This drifts and movements of ideas it what causes our brain to get new ideas and hence the …

Do Dreams Mean Anything? (Hint – I Believe They Are FAR More Important Than You May Realize!)

It amazes me how many people truly don’t study their dreams. Maybe they don’t remember them. Or care to think of them at all when they awake. But for me…and I dare say many of YOU who are reading this article right now, the simple truth is that your DREAMS are a harbinger of hope, and a pointer to the PASSION and purpose that gives your life true meaning and value.

The Universal Law in Ordinary

But they’re still missing the mark. They’re fiddling around with the brain, when in fact it’s the mind that does the work, so far as the Law of Attraction’s concerned. It is this stupid business of equating the brain with the mind. Unfortunately, some of these research scientists think they’re above the mind/brain differentiation and that if they start tinkering with the brainwaves, they’re entering the province of the mind

Set the Miracle of Your Mind to Work

The subconscious mind works with certainty to control all our natural functions and it is the storehouse of all our memories. It directs our thoughts, tastes and feelings. It enables us to accomplish tasks without us having to think about them.

Seven Ways to Creating a Peak Performance Mindset

Being able to stay at a high level of performance on a continuing basis is difficult for the majority of the population. It’s important to have the right mindset in order to stay at a high level of living day in and day out. There are certain mental techniques that you can use to do just that. Here’s a list of 7 ways that will help you achieve a higher level of performance and keep you there:

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