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Inner Wisdom – Tapping Into What You Already Know

Do you find yourself waiting for a sign that you are on the right path to doing what you are meant to do and being who you are meant to be? The chances are you have probably already received these signs and many of them. Most of us under-estimate what we already know.

Are Your Thoughts Real – Or Just Stories?

All of us go through our daily lives with a continuous stream of thoughts. This is what we refer to as our “inner dialog” or “stream of consciousness”. We don’t think much about it – this is simply the way the human mind works.

Persuasive Techniques – How to Brainwash Customers With Mind Control Techniques

This article describes two extremely powerful persuasion techniques that can be used to brainwash your customers. These techniques will allow you take control of your customers and literally tell them to purchase your products. Read this article to find out how.

Success Or Failure on the Mental Plane

A Fable: A few hundred years ago the devil decided that he would have a sale of his most prized tools. He marked the price on each one and set them on the table for the public to peruse and to make a decision on purchasing them. These were the tools of his trade and he labeled each one.

Restoring Balance Using the Consciously Competent Mind in Momentary Self-Reflection Mode

How do we restore our own balances? And how do we self-regulate ourselves in order to reconcile this struggling out-of-balance issue we’re plagued with? The mind is the tool to help…

How Can a Fake Smile Produce Health and Avoid Stress?

Smiling causes major positive physical changes in our brain and body. Discover the secrets of how to improve your lifelong health and longevity through effective smiling. Start now.

Stay Strong by Finding a Daily Practice That Works

The number one thing behind all successful people is their positive mindset. It is absolutely necessary for ambitious people who want to give back to get this! So how do we get there?

Is Remote Viewing Just Controlled ESP?

Remote Viewing is controlled ESP. Learn how to enhance ESP/Psychic abilities to strengthen this power. Get information about Binaural Harmonic Beats to alter your state of mind.

Am I Having Psychic Dreams? Sureshot Signs Your Dreams Are Psychic (Very Cool & Tons of Fun!)

How can I tell if my dreams are psychic? If the stuff I “see” in my sleep turns out to be true……is that a sign I’m psychic or just going crazy? Or….are the sights, sounds and “stuff” I’m seeing in my sleep REALLY foreshadowing events that are meant to be….or are they simply random rumblings of a slumbering brain? In this article we are going to take a quick and insightful look at psychic dreams, and see if they are truly fact….or fantastical (and foolish) fiction. Ready? Great….continue reading as we take a closer look below!

3 Simple Ways to Take Control of Your Mind

Once you have control of your mind you have control of your life and the ability to achieve success and follow your dreams. Follow these simple tips to take control today.

Mind Maps of Super Geniuses Discussed

Perhaps, you’ve seen the very interesting mind maps that people create, and maybe you’ve made one for yourself. Well, since some people have higher IQs than others, all mind maps are not created equally. Not long ago, an acquaintance mentioned that his mind map looked more like a spider web, and in reality that is how all neural networks work in real life.

Power Up Your Subconscious Mind

Many will argue that the most powerful organ in the human body is the brain, and the most powerful part of the brain is the subconscious mind. The following article gives a brief introduction to the subconscious mind and the power it holds when controlled correctly.

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