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Brainwaves – A Frequency to Boost Your Brain Muscles

At present, Brainwave entrainment technology is becoming one of the most sophisticated methods to boost brainpower. Brainwave is also known as “brainwave harmonization” that gives deep feeling relaxation to the brain. This is a powerful tool using audio sounds to balance the conscious and sub-conscious brain.

Six Simple Ways to a Daily Positive Attitude

Keeping a positive attitude everyday in whatever endeavour you do will always make things easier, and better yet more enjoyable. Here are six ways to achieve a daily positive attitude.

Subliminal Sessions in History

The accepted history of data processing without consciousness, also called masked or shadow information and even referred to as peripheral information, but more commonly known by the general public under one universal label as subliminal sessions, is really just a history of contemporary manoeuvring. Vance Packard’s, Hidden Persuaders, appeared in 1957.

Reprogram Your Subconscious With Subliminal MP3

There is much speculation on the effectiveness of subliminal mp3 and whether it can reprogram your subconscious. Though users who have found success swear by it, others, especially researchers and academicians are far from convinced.

Brainwave Synchronization – Discover the Secret to Reprogram Your Brain to Get What You Want in Life

How would you feel if I told you that you could reprogram your brain to get whatever you want in life? How would you react if I shared with you a secret formula that can help you overcome stress, anxiety, negative feelings, low self esteem, depression, and all other things that hold you back from doing what you want in life? You’d be pretty elated, right?

The Debate on Subliminal Message Audio

The effectiveness of subliminal audio has remained hidden so far more due to lack of evidence substantiating the effects on people. Most of the evidence has been given by users of subliminal message audio, however it cannot be confirmed how true their experiences are. Unfortunately, the information regarding use and effectiveness has not been sufficiently collated, thus making it difficult to asses the success of subliminal message audio.

Developing a Beginner’s Mind

Most of us would like to deny that we are co-creators of the problems in our lives, health, wealth or otherwise. It is easy to believe that we are victims of our environment, and that things happen to us over which we have no control, especially all those terrible things that cause grief and pain in our hearts. But imagine how empowering it would be to be able to put a stop to the transgressions and take a seat of power and end the roller coaster ride. Imagine only ever being where you want to be with every relationship in your life. If you are willing, even unconsciously, to give over your right to choose for yourself, then you will always be at others’ control.

Real Life Benefits of Video Games

If you added a Wii, PlayStation or Xbox 360 to your home this year, you’re certainly not alone. According to Nielsen figures, 54% of U.S. households now own a video game console or a handheld system.

Impressing the Subconscious Mind Quickly For Desired Outer Action

The key to impressing the subconscious mind, or creative power mind with what you want it to do is sufficient emotion and urgency. But how many people consistently have that?

Opportunity Costs of Being Scattered in Business

Did you know that money is attracted to order? So, if you are not attracting the clients and cash flow you desire, lack of and/or the wrong focus may be the culprit. Learn what the top 5 business distractions are, and how to attract much more than lackluster results through increased mental focus.

Shift Your Focus and Invite a World Full of Possibilities

Over-focusing can often limit our choices. We fail to go back and analyze other options, solutions and can neglect other areas in our life that need attention.

7 Simple Tricks to Expand Your Mind Power

In today’s age the demands on the mind are greater than ever. The World is moving at an ever rapid pace, and to keep up with the rapid changes a sharp mind is critical to thriving.

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