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Memory Training Game – Keeping Your Brain Healthy

Do your ever take some time out and reflect upon what your mind is capable of achieving? Well, meditation can help you to discover the coded messages that lie embedded in your brain. The human brain is a powerhouse where immense energy resides.

Play Brain Games – Unleash the Brain Power

Have you ever wondered how do remember the names of so many people? How can you recollect the phone number of your friends so easily when somebody asks you?

Online Memory Games – Explore the Power of Your Brain

Who ever said that the human mind cannot be trained has surely not heard about the online mind games! After all these games are specifically designed to stretch the capabilities of your brain and make it think.

Fun Memory Games – The Fun of Learning

Don’t you think that a little time spent with your mind can prove to be very enjoyable? After all, there is no body to disturb you and you can think whatever you want without anybody knowing!

Brain Training Software – Train Your Brain

Don’t you think that your brain empowers you to achieve so many capabilities? That too when you are hardly using a very limited part of your entire brain capacity!

15 Easy Ways to Enhance Cognitive Fitness and Fight Aging

Cognitive Fitness keeps you mentally alert and fit. Maintaining cognitive fitness in old age is nothing but warding off mental problems that are seen to set in as you grow old. The article lists 15 fun ways to keep mentally alert in order to maintain cognitive fitness.

Beyond Thinking and Not-Thinking

Do you wonder what it’s like to get beyond just thinking or not-thinking? Are you curious about how to get there?

Powerful Brainstorming Activities That Map Your Mind

Have you ever been stuck on a problem? Have you ever been confused by all of the choices you have to make and not sure where to go next? Have you ever tried to juggle a large project with lots of twist and turns?

Rubik’s Cube Improves Spatial IQ

The credit of inventing the 3-D mechanical puzzle Rubik’s goes to Hungarian sculptor and professor of architecture Erna Rubik. Originally touted as the “Magic Cube”, the puzzle was licensed by Rubik to be sold by Ideal Toys in 1980 and won the German Game of the Year special award for Best Puzzle that year. As of January 2009, 350 million cubes have sold worldwide catapulting its status to the world’s top-selling puzzle game.

Music Helps Boost IQ

A journal published in the May issue of the Journal of Educational Psychology reports that Organized music lessons hone children’s IQ and academic performance-and the longer the instruction continues, the larger the impact. Lead researcher Dr. E. Glenn Schellenberg, University of Toronto at Mississauga says the recent study builds on the work he published in 2004, in which 6-year-olds who received music lessons for over a year.

Boost Your Confidence Quickly With These 5 Tips!

Your level of confidence can have a big impact on how successful you are in life. From your job performance to your ability to sustain abundant relationships, the way you feel about your self is reflected in everything you do.

Do Not Let Your Ego Run the Show

Let’s have a look at how our mind or rather our ego runs our life. Let’s say you’re at the mall waiting for a guy to back out of his parking spot and someone else shoots into the spot before you. You were there first; you even had your turn signal on! So you forget about it and find a new spot, right?

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