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Did You Come to Live?

To answer the question, did you come to live? You must first get clarity on what living means to you. We all have an idea of what our ideal life would look like. In most cases we can call up the stock images of what great marketers say is truly living, but is that your ideal life?

Does Measuring Emotional Intelligence Make Sense?

It has been an interesting debate in the scientific community the source and development of Emotional Intelligence. Some will argue that it is indeed an inborn characteristic; while others will defend it can be learned, worked and improved. Some will say it’s part of the cognition, some say it’s totally independent. But can it be measured?

The Intelligence Of Emotional Perception

When thinking of someone who is highly intelligent, one first takes into account the logical reasoning, math, problem solving or verbal skills, the capacity of our brain to produce something. That is the standard way to define intelligence, although the definition of “intelligence” remains controversial. The importance of cognition is valued the most. Is it enough?

Walk Disappointment Away

You can clear away feelings of disappointment and sadness by deliberate walking. By imagining the feeling flowing out through the feet into the earth, you can permanently release the sad emotion.

Winning Is an Attitude 202! Laser-Focus Your Flash Light of Business

It just amazes me considering a moment in my life when I majorly had trouble as home business entrepreneur to really concentrate on my very own task, failing to make my objectives reality. I clearly didn’t recognize that winning is an attitude back then. I picture myself getting regularly caught up by other tasks but what I actually should be carrying out, which is to make a positive impact in the lives of home business entrepreneurs. Some things always looked like to cross my way, and if it had not been the cleaning that would have to be performed, my table probably required tiding, you might be able to associate to my situation.

Interior LifeDesign: Reclaim Your Identity

Passionate, strong, adventurous, optimistic, fearless, independent describes the woman who has come from behind the shadows into the light of who God has created her to be. You don’t have to be less of who you are in an attempt to make your mate more of who he is. What you don’t realize is the spotlight is large enough for both of you.

Watch Your Step

Careful and focused planning with consistent implementation of your objective, keeps you on course to succeed. Learning from your failures and embracing your accomplishment, offers you the road map to follow your dreams. When you become cognizant of what it takes to accomplish our goals, you are surely on our way to empowerment and success.

Saying No Is A Choice

“If you limit your choices only to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is compromise.” Robert Fritz’s quote calls us to make choices about what we want to say yes and no to in our lives. This article explores what we can do when we realise that we have said yes, even though we didn’t intend to. It offers a range of possible responses so that we can learn different strategies to change our behaviour.

The “One-Click” Generation

There has never existed so much knowledge, and so easily available, than today. Knowledge is at a distance of a click. This is in no way a cliche. It is extremely easy to ask any question, look for it on Google, Wikipedia or another source, and get it. And yet, there is a rising concern that too much information, or too much knowledge, so widely and easily available, may actually be a negative factor in the human being’s cognitive development. Why is that so?

Brief Remarks On Artificial Intelligence

Portrayed in the movies as science fiction, the Artificial Intelligence is increasingly becoming part of our lives in many different ways, sometimes not easily perceived. Will the human brain ever become redundant?

Do Something Crazy: Think About The Future

Long-term thinking is something very inhuman. Let’s face it, while the greatest men and women in history have been known either by having an extreme courage, or an extreme vision, most people make decisions based on the immediate goal.

Can We Trust What We Think?

A mentor of mine said to me years ago: “The subconscious is insidious as hell.” I have to say that after years of studying the subconscious mind and working with thousands of students worldwide, I am in complete and total agreement. Our subconscious mind has one goal and one goal only: To keep whatever it has been programmed to believe – its belief system – in tact and protected.

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