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What Binaural Brainwaves Can Do For You

Binaural brainwaves tend to influence many brain functions especially those functions that are related to the hearing process. The phenomenon is known as the frequency following response.

How to Alter the Theta Brain Waves of Your Mind and Experience Amazing Positive Benefits!

Our brain passes through different phases of instances and Theta brain waves is one form that is directly related with the subconscious state of our mind. Brainwave entrainment is becoming a very popular technology that applies stimulus to the mind by altering your brainwave patterns in order to bring positive change.

The Principle of Ripples

Even an expression on someone’s face could cause enormous ripples across the whole planet as one person reacts to it and the domino effect takes over, and creates repercussions into the future. Of course, we have all heard of the story that it might be possible for a butterfly flapping its wings to cause an earthquake on the other side of the planet. The 2000 film “Pay It Forward” stirred quite a few minds when we are shown that our small acts of kindness can have huge impacts as the kindness is ‘paid forward.’ The Principle of Ripples is that any thought, action, deed, word or image has the power to travel immense distances through an ever-expanding ripple-effect, and is likely to grow, expand and influence outcomes far away from, and much larger than the initial starting point. It’s possible that if you stooped to pick up the piece of paper discarded by someone else and put it into the rubbish bin, that somehow, good things might happen to you at sometime in the near or far future. One argument, of course, could be that the outcomes may not necessarily be good. They may be bad, too.

Understanding Multiple Intelligences

Just because a person does not get ‘A’s in school does not mean that they are not smart. We all have different ways of learning and processing information. Harvard professor Howard Gardner broke down the different ways that people process information. By understanding how we process information, we can understand how best to learn and communicate

The Science of Results Oriented Thinking

The technology of “thinking” and the science of what it produces is not new. It has been studied for thousands of years by scientists and sages. But how to use it to create the life you want is what this science is looking at now. Learn to harness the power of you to achieve the most powerful you, that you can be. Learn the science of results oriented thinking.

Mind Power Techniques and Technologies That Will Bring Positive Change

Various scientific processes have been developed that that used sound files as a way to alter the brain waves in order to bring positive change. Such audio programs are becoming more and more popular that help develop the vigor and capability of the mind.

Quick Tips to Improve Brain Power and Boost Your IQ

We all often wish that something could have been done to improve brain power. Well there are several ways through which we can in fact perk up the strength of our brain. It does not take that much effort to develop a healthy mind.

Brainwave Entrainment – Your Solution to Superior Mind Power

The solution to superior mind power has been quite evasive to the human race for quite a while now. However, all hope has been rekindled for the simulated evolution of the mind – brainwave entrainment. What is it? It is the use of sculpted and engineered sounds, introduced to the left and right ear at differing frequencies. The variance will be recognised by the cortical in the brain and it will respond with a frequency of equal stature. When this happens, the billions of neurons respond all at once, changing their electromagnetic radiation frequency and producing a global brain wave frequency that is similar to the variance from the engineered sounds.

Boosting Mind Development With Brainwave Entrainment Technology

The methods to boost mind development have been in abundance since advertising on TV exploded and early education became the fore front focus of many nations. Parents from all over the world were trying to figure out how to increase the capacities of their children with mind bending technology from proponents of child psychology, luminaries of calculation and mighty kings of memory retainment.

What All Super Achievers Have That You Don’t – Super Brain, Mind Power, and Self-Realisation

Deep inside everyone of us there is a knowing that we are capable of so much more than we are achieving, that we are not living our true potential, that a dormant greatness is locked somewhere within, a super self that wants to get out, but doesn’t know how. Learn how to: power up your super brain, switch on your mind’s power and actualize your full potential.

Best Kept Secret That Everyone Seems to Know

The following article deals with a difficult taboo subject many may feel is strictly forbidden. The secret is known but rarely discussed as evidenced by the lack of reference material available. It is something we discovered completely by accident that could have been easily ignored and swept under the rug, but to do so would be in stark contradiction with the principals of engendered by the search for truth. This unusual subject is used as a springboard to touch on matters sincere to the heart and the mind.

Re-Condition Your Subconscious Mind For Success With Subliminal Technology

The subconscious mind is a wonderful thing, especially when we are young. In Freudian terms, the pre-conscious mind of a child is a simple blank template that is awaiting instruction and the only instruction that they have is the experiences that they have and the lessons that they learn from their primary care givers. A child has very limited awareness, and also their conscious defenses of rational thought and critical thinking are pretty limited, because they are at a stage of learning that is extremely fresh.

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