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Can You Learn to Be an Entrepreneur?

Think about Masterson’s book title and its play on the usual phrase of ‘ready, aim, fire’. What do you think he means by his title, Ready, Fire, Aim? It relates to an entrepreneurial reality of our age that speed to market matters, coupled with a scientific principle that it’s easier to adjust direction from a moving position. So the answer is Yes, you can learn to be an entrepreneur as long as you are so inclined to do what it takes to put your learning to the test.

Something Wrong With Your Vision?

Depending on how we see things, or don’t see things, we behave accordingly. The behavior follows our vision- physical vision in these cases. What’s also cool is that the same principle applies with mental vision, or perception, and our subsequent behavior and learning. Let’s explore a bit.

The Power of Being Present Now

Sometimes in life things, opportunities and people disappear- poof! and we don’t get that chance to interact with them again. Then we are left to wonder whether we have done enough so far anyway, or whether it’s worth doing it over again, if we can. I guess to live a life with fewest regrets it comes down to living as fully in each moment as possible. Not always easy, even if we know the formula. It takes a fair amount of personal focus, mental discipline and emotional steadiness

Memory, Mind and Magic

When it comes to frequently asked questions about memory people usually ask about how they can improve it or what it actually is. However there is a group of other interesting questions that are more to do with the brain or the mind and yet also connected closely with memory that are less obvious to ask but very interesting to hear about. The most frequently asked questions about the mind tend to be to do with magic.

Visualize Your Successes

If you’ve had any kind of exposure to success technologies, you’ve certainly heard about the power of visualization. Well, it’s true. It works. We attract what we think about. And we do it all the time-consciously or unconsciously.

When You’re Ready to Unwind, Look Into the Effectiveness of Binaural Beats Downloads

Binaural beats downloads are a relatively recent application of a concept that was discovered over 150 years ago. Modern technology has made this discovery applicable and useful for relieving all sorts of emotional issues including depression, insomnia, lack of self-confidence, improved creativity and learning, and can even lead to better health.

Sure Fire Tips to Boost Your IQ

Let’s say that you would need to increase your IQ for a certain situation where you need to win an intelligent conversation, an intellectual game or maybe a tough IQ test? Is it possible for you to increase your IQ that rapidly? Well the answer to this is yes and you can find the following tips efficient for increasing your IQ at these times.

The Role of Brain Fitness in Self Help Programs

Do a search on the internet for self help programs and prepare to be amazed. I am a self help guy from way back too, and I am amazed at all that is available for purchase.

Tap Into the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

The power of the subconscious mind has been discussed at length in popular culture, but, it is like the McDonald’s revolution in a sense. We know that it is great, we know its massive effect but after a while, it is just a cheeseburger to the man on the street. When someone mentions subconscious mind, images of Professor Xavier or Mind Hunters pilot episodes would come into the picture.

The Soundtrack of Your Success – Subliminal Music

Music is life and so much as we try to deny it, music has become a very part of our souls. It is in everything that we do and everything that we see. Music has pervaded every part of society and has come from the most ancient civilisation as a mark and an instrument to perform and entertain. There is a soundtrack to everything in our lives, and everything we do and some people out there simply cannot survive without music. Now, there is another aspect of music that can be used to improve our lives and this technology is called subliminal music.

The Power of Mind Over Matter – Matters

The whole concept of mind over matter has been reproduced almost religiously with Hollywood and such, but the whole precept of it has been glamorised too much and made to believe that individuals with high resilience and facing some sort of adversity can unlock the power of the mind and do some wonderful things. This however is not true, and anyone can actually be the one who has the power of the mind and bend matter to their will.

Brain Wave – Neuro Surf to Success

Within the mind are little things called neurons, which are about the size of a nano bite, and there are billions of them all over the brain, within the cortex and the cortical of the mind. In fact, there are all over the different lobes or sections of the brain, namely the Frontal, Parietal, Temporal and Occipital, and what they function as are carriers of messages and data from one part of the brain to another. In other words, they are the brain’s own information super highway, with each of the lobes representing the various ‘servers’ all over the landscape of the mind.

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