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Get Into the Groove With the Top 5 Methods For Experiencing Alpha Brain Waves – Learn, Create, Relax

A seeming miracle occurs in the human experience when learning, thinking and creating come with ease. Rather than a miracle, these achievement of highly focused goals are often the result of experiencing a state of alpha brain waves. The exciting part is that the ability to control our exposure to alpha brain waves is in our hands.

Problem Solving With Reality Therapy

Reality Therapy is a problem solving method that works well with people who are experiencing problems they want help solving, as well as those who are having problems and appear to not want any assistance. Reality Therapy also provides an excellent model for helping individuals solve their own problems objectively and serves as the ideal questioning series during coaching sessions.

Unleash Your Genius

Geniuses, those alive today and those who from antiquity, all shared a common trait. Famous masters of art, science and industry all had an ability that is not present in ordinary individuals. However, although you may think a genius is born with this ability many of them were not.

How to Become a Superhuman by Listening to a Binaural Recording – 5 Powerful Benefits!

A professionally designed binaural recording is one of the most effective mind power techniques you can use. It will help you achieve a better and more fulfilling life, you just need to listen and your mind will rewire and reprogram itself automatically.

A Binaural Recording Will Enable You to Sleep Less and Boost Your Energy Levels to Amazing Heights!

By using a binaural recording you can decrease your need for sleep and boost your energy. You will have more free time to spend with your family and you will stop feeling so tired every day.

Everyone Should Work Out Their Brain

Everyone should work out their mind. Perhaps you are one of the luckily ones and you use your brain in your work, many people never do. Generally, students in school do, and their minds are sharp, crisp and their recall is extremely strong.

Controlling Your Mind Power – You Must Persist to Succeed

This age of mass advertising, wherein the messages that YOU NEED INSTANT GRATIFICATION are so consistently embedded, may have convinced you that if you have not obtained what you desire in a few days, a few weeks, a few months, you all too quickly turn your attention to other pursuits.

Time, Memories and Happiness

Do you often feel rushed as if there’s never enough time? Learn about time collapsing. Do you have too much “drama” in your life? Learn how your thoughts are unwittingly creating it. Learn how to create more happiness and well-being.

To Live is to Have Problems and to Solve Problems is to Grow Intellectually

Once you solve a problem, the feeling and satisfaction of solving it is so great that explaining it has just no words. The most successful lives are the ones that most effectively manage and “solve their problems”.

I Always Get the Perfect Parking Space

I want to talk today about something that we tend to take for granted when it suits us, but we disbelieve when we are made aware of us. I am referring to the amazing ability we have to know what will happen to us before it happens. Sometimes we have as little as five seconds prior notice, and other times we have as much prior notice as we decide we want.

6 Easy Lucid Dreaming Tips

Have you ever seen Vanilla Sky? If so, you’re aware of the “lucid” dreams Tom Cruise was having throughout the movie. If you haven’t seen it – sorry I spoiled it. A lucid dream is simply a dream where you’re aware that you’re dreaming, and then proceed to manipulate your dream in the fashion you wish.

4 Easy Types of Brain Entrainment

Puzzles, games, riddles, and countless other forms of brain entertainment are employed to help everyone from newborns to senior citizens keep a healthy and active brain. Your brain is a very complex thing. If you didn’t use it at all, it’s essentially dying tissue; a wasteland of fleeting thoughts and decreased motor functions.

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