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Right Brained Spirituality

Sure there have been volumes of school books and textbooks teaching you expressly since childhood how to use the logical side of the brain (in right handed people) correctly. Neglecting the use of the creative and spiritual side of the brain (in right handed people). But now, I want to write a single powerful article on how everyone can use the spiritual side of the brain for all people as universally and beneficially as they use their common sense or logical sense brain. Indeed, I do mean everyone, not just “left handed”, not just “right handed”, I mean everyone.

Decision by Default

The articles highlights the problems with decision taken by default, both actively and passively. The solutions to the problems are also suggested.

Prove Them Wrong That Virtuality Does Not Mean Adversity to Oneself

Progress and development that do not contribute to people’s welfare and spiritual liberation, not revolution, is harmful from any standpoint. Everyday practice and institutional wisdom have led us to think that it’s okay to have a handful of people managing millions of people and dictating their day in day out fate: that is insane and absolutely wrong!..

How to Cure Memory and Depression by Playing Scientifically Designed Brain Games

Memory and depression almost run parallel, as a depressive person fails to initiate tasks, lacks concentration, faces problem in decision-making and his learning ability is stunted. Due to the already existing problem it does not take a long time for memory disability to creep in.

Brain Fitness Games – Scientifically Designed Games to Help Your Brain Grow

A hundred years back, the average age of a normal human being was not more than 50. But today many of us can live up to 70 or 80 years of age. This is because of the scientific advancements in the health care and wellness industry.

Is Brainwave Entrainment Safe? How Do Binaural Beats Work?

How do binaural beats work? Increased stress and the thirst for a more successful life has increased the interest in meditation, but recent technology has made binaural beats and brainwave entrainment accessible to enable anyone to meditate at levels only previously attainable after a lifetime of study and practice.

Your Intuition is Your Inner Guide

Develop the inner power of intuition and learn to drop limitations here and now. Accept to be a beginner. Decide to engage in meditation, yoga, stretching exercises, relax everyday for a while in a calm spot and ponder about the here and now.

Success Development and Mind Set Training Excuse #16 – It’s My Family History

“It’s my personal family history” Is the sixteenth of my series of the eighteen excuses people most commonly use, consciously or unconsciously that can slow down or eliminate their chance of becoming successful. Mind Set is a very substantial part of success development. That through strategies like this and Personal Development can be made a lot easier.

How to Sharpen Mental Clarity With a Raw Food Diet

Eating raw food offers a number of unexpected improvements to your quality of life. For one thing, energy levels are increased dramatically with the raw food diet. For another, raw foodists report noticeably sharpened mental clarity starting about 1 week into the diet. In this article, we’ll cover three ways that raw food can improve your cognitive function.

What it Really Means to Be Human Mentally

Have you ever desired a deeper knowledge of what it really means to be human? Are you searching for a deeper meaning to human life? Are you dissatisfied with the present manifestation of inhumanity across the globe?

When Your Brain is Too Tired to Think – It Often Comes Up With the Best Ideas

Have you ever worked all day, and your brain felt like mush? You are exhilarated for accomplishing all that you have set out to do, on a project or completing a task, but then you are tired and all you wanted to do was vegetate? I think we’ve all been there haven’t we? Interestingly enough, it’s amazing what your brain will come up with during these times of reflection. You’re too tired to think about work anymore, and in the heat of all that stress and all that hard work your mind was focused solely on accomplishing the objective.

Success Development and Mind Set Training Excuse #14 – It’s Too Big

“It’s Too Big” is the fourteenth in the series of 18 excuses people most commonly use, unconsciously or consciously that can slow down or eliminate their chance of becoming successful. Your Mind Set is a substantial part of success development. That through strategies like this and Personal Development can be made a lot easier.

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