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Labeling Thoughts to Enable Clear Thinking

“Words are seeds that do more than blow around. They land in our hearts and not the ground. Be careful what you plant and careful what you say. You might have to eat what you planted one day.” -Anonymous… Do you beat yourself up when you fail at something? Does fear stop you from trying again once you’ve already failed? Do you suffer from the self-abuse of harsh self-judgment?

Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind controls up to 90% of our life. Depending on how our subconscious mind has been programmed, this might not always be a good thing! You can, however, decide to re-program your subconscious mind.

Mental Blocks and Metaphors

For some reason, you or someone you care about is experiencing a mental block and can’t move forward. What do you do? How can you help them? Using the Kaleidoscope as a key metaphor, this article will provide readers with a short story of how this metaphor and a wise mother encouraged her daughters problem-solving skills to resolve her dilemma. A fun and creative write-up that will no doubt cause you to reflect upon how you think about your perceptions”.

The Differences Between Tao Wisdom and Conventional Wisdom

Tao wisdom from the ancient wisdom of Lao Tzu’s “Tao Te Ching” is true human wisdom. It is very different from conventional wisdom, which focuses on the ego-self. To understand Tao wisdom, you must have an empty mind with reverse thinking, and, more importantly, you must let go of the ego-self, which is a stumbling block to clarity of thinking that enables your mind to see who you really are, and not who you wish you were or want to become.

Finding Our Own Innate Wisdom

As we grow and discover our own truth and live by it, understanding what is right for us as an individual, we start resonating with others who are like-minded. I have found that my values and beliefs have changed and varied as I have got older as I have modified them to what feels right for me now as I am and not as I was. Our authenticity is our truth. It is something that we feel with every fibre of our being. It I heart felt and not from the head. It is our intuition or gut feel that talks to us and resonates from deep within with a feeling of knowing. The deeper you go into that feeling of knowing, the more you will start to understand your own deep truth of who you really are. Reveal yourself, for you are unique and special.

Awareness and Self-Awareness

Being aware is all about ‘knowing’ that there is something else other than just being here and doing life! Of course being self-aware is when one is conscious that it is their own responsibility to ‘do the work’ on the areas of life that show themselves needing growth. As a young child our social biofeedback is through parental mirroring. This creates our own emotional self-awareness and self-control so that we can start to find out our own identity. It is not until we grow up and start experiencing life that we start to recognise that this learnt behaviour either may or may not serve us well.

4 Ways to Shift From Worrying to Productive Thinking

This article has been written to help you make a successful transition from worrying to becoming more productive with your time and invariably your life. You will get useful tips that will help you change your perspective about life’s occurrences.

Be Your Number 1 Critic

Criticisms are as inevitable as critics. What’s the logic behind criticism? How best to handle critics?

People Know How To Search On The Net, But No Idea About Themselves

The Internet is fast becoming the brain and storage bank for the human race. Instead of remembering with their own brains, people turn to the search engine for any purpose by neglecting the asset of their brain with immeasurable capabilities and memory.

How Employment Skills Are Essential for African Youth

Employability skills can strengthen the economy of the country. The future economic growth of any nation is determined by the potential skills of its youth, and not by its capital or material resources.

Staying Calm Can Keep You Sane

When I read the word calm, the first thing that comes to my mind, is the beautiful sea. Having been raised in a city along the coastline, it is very difficult to not fall in love with the sea. It has this soothing, calming effect on the mind. In a life too fast to catch up, the sea brings some calm.

Powering Up a Weak Mind

Every single day, we read in the papers about all the great entrepreneurs, business tycoons, politicians, sports personalities, etc. and about some of their really inspiring qualities. They are all hardworking, honest (mostly), determined and FOCUSED.The reason I put that word in capitals is, almost 90% of the people, when asked about why they didn’t succeed in their endeavours, give this one excuse among another dozen. They say, “I just can’t seem to focus on the task!”

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