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Emotions and the Subconscious Mind

Did you ever notice the things you do without thinking about them? Things that you do “unconsciously?” For instance have you pressed down on imaginary brakes in a car while you were in the passenger seat?

Are You Distracted Easily?

Are you easily distracted when studying? Well, you are not alone! Before I became a Study Grandmaster, I was having lots of difficulty facing with distractions too. I could spend more than 5 hours on my study desk, but the information I actually processed is just 20% of what I read. Frustrated, I went to research on how to improve my concentration and tried many, many strategies. Then finally, I got the answer 1 day.

Increasing Your Brain Power With Food

Some people have trouble concentrating or may not be able to give their full attention to a task or test that may have to take. These people may want to find a natural way to increase their brain power.

Manifesting Solutions Stop Self-Sabotage

The art of stopping self-sabotage by rewiring your thinking. Simple exercises in positive thinking. Your mind works like a circuit board we just need to re-direct the circuits

Can You Change Your Mind?

Everything changes; it’s a universal law. Change is difficult and uncomfortable because whenever you initiate change even desired changes you activate fear in the emotional brain. If the fear is great enough your fight or flight response will go off and you will literally run away from what you’re trying to do.

Super Boost Your IQ Score

Have you heard of those who were able to get a high IQ Score by even providing you proof that they have really gotten a score that has surpassed the average? The question here is, do you actually believe that? Sometimes we really are given the wrong direction in terms of failing or making it, when it comes to IQ tests. We tend to think that this test is actually the basis of our true intelligence but the truth is, its not!

Today is Tuesday

Have you ever walked into a situation with your mind already set? Gritting your teeth because you just “know” what usually happens? Change usually into not often and find out what Today is Tuesday really means.

The Foundation of Free Thinking – Learning Self-Command

Who are the greatest thinkers in our history? I am certain that we can come up with an incredible list of amazing people that the whole world respects. My question to you is what made them great thinkers? How did they think that was so powerful it changed the world?

The Wonders of Binaural Beats

One Heinrich Wilhelm Dove could be considered the father of binaural beats, having discovered them way back in 1839. Research on binaural beats followed soon after that and to where it is today in the scientific and personal development industry, the technology and the issues around it remained somewhat of a scientific obscurity until 134 years later, when one Gerald Oster published an article entitled “Auditory Beats in the Brain” (Scientific American, 1973).

Rewire Your Subconscious With Brainwave Entrainment

The brain is a powerful piece of machinery, and while we are each given just one brain, none of us actually know how to fully use this wonderful contraption at the crown of our noggin. This is because we have not been given a manual on how to fully optimize the potential power of the brain. Even if there were one, how would we as human beings reach deep down into the cortex and possibly the subconscious mind, rewire the subconscious, and mold the mind into a staggering tool we can use to give us the edge in life?

Take Charge of Your Life With Subliminal Audio Technology

Take charge of your life with subliminal technology. But the question is, when did we start to lose control of it? For different individuals, the answer could be different but let us look at some examples that perhaps we can relate to. For example, what if you have been trying to quit a bad habit for years but you have not done so? Every time you try, something happens and you find yourself back to where you were at the start – and in some cases even worse off for wear.

Triggering a State of Success With Subliminal Messaging

The mind is capable of many great things, and the one way to prove that, science experimented with magnetic field induction not so long ago to invoke the mind into a power state where its faculties seem to operate better than normal. We can but look not so far as the medical industry, who sometimes use mental machinery to accelerate healing and associate emotional states to how much the body heals and how capable it is to fend off and fight diseases that are running rampant within the human body.

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