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Habits – “The Great Paralyzer”

People talk about being challenged in their lives or careers from having learning disabilities, or being another ethnicity–but what about habits? The people most likely to succeed often find themselves struggling not because of something external, but because of bad-habits. Read on…

Television – Discover 5 Uses of Watching Television All Day Long

The television is great at making you believe whatever the television wants you to think. The television can make you act like a macho man or some badass from your favorite television show. You can also be just like the talking heads of the news if you watch them enough.

Your Millionaire Mindset – The Forces That Influence Mental Mindsets

It is often said that your current level of prosperity is directly linked to your personal mindset. If you believe that it’s somehow wrong to be wealthy or that you are in some way unworthy of wealth, your current standing is a reflection of those thoughts.

Your Millionaire Mindset – Training a Healthy Mindset and Attitude

Imagine you’re going to compete in a triathlon. You condition yourself for biking, running and swimming. Your physical body is built up to withstand the demand of competition. Do you train your brain as well? Do you expect a winning athlete to focus on winning or losing the race? Some athletes in fact do focus on losing. They lose their nerve and “choke” under the rigors of competition.

Mind Development and Your Daily Commute – Learn This Technique to Power Up Your Brain

One of the best things that you can do while traveling in your car is to think; likewise while commuting during peak traffic times and sitting in traffic jams it makes sense to use your mind. Even play mind games. First, it will help bring your stress level under control, and thus, it helps your health.

Mind Development – Take the Passion For Your Area of Expertise and Apply it to a New Topic

Many folks spend 10 years or more in an industry and become an expert, and often when they change professions or retire their brain starts to deteriorate because they are no longer using it at the same level they were while they were working. This does not need to occur, and yet maybe there is a lesson here. Let me explain, because there is a solution to this very common problem and it is something I wish you to think about.

Subconscious Reprogramming at Your Beck and Call

If you have ever thought of reprogramming your mind, then you might want to consider the new and emerging technologies that are coming out of the market that deal with the fine art of changing your mind. Now when we are thinking about the connotations of this, we need to detract from the old adage that brain changing devices should be six feet tall and you need electrodes to your head. The art of subconscious reprogramming is something that is very subtle and can be accomplished in ways that you would have never believed.

Change Your Mind, Figuratively, Literally

You always have heard this term, change your mind, circulating around social circles and discussions among friends and family. Change your mind is usually connoted with the action of changing a decision or a perception or even a perspective of something, it is something that can be done within seconds, even nano seconds. It is something that can be done at will or even without us thinking about it. Now, what if you were able to literally change your mind, meaning you can wipe out all the data, refresh the mind and make it new and whole again.

21 Ways to Perfect Your Performance in Business, Sports, and Life

How to apply Mental Training as a key role in success by effectively using self-talk and visualization to focus. Have you ever noticed how you have to perpetually talk yourself into believing that you are good enough and that no one else is better than you to actually take that leap of faith into business, sports, or life goals? Well let me tell you some tried and true strategies that work and will consistently work for you if you are willing to reprogram your limited thinking about you and your life and what is truly possible for you.

2 of 5 – Mind Development – Flipping Your Mind to Change Your Experiences

In Life Coaching and Mind Development, beliefs are one of the keys that unlock our experience of the world. What I am about to share is one of the most profound examples of what I have come across.

3 Easy Ways to Take Control of Your Mind

Follow these 3 simple ways to take control of your mind today. Take control of more than just your mind – alter your life and your future.

The Accidental Engineer – Developing Your Spatial Mind

Entrepreneurs, inventors, and handymen are quasi-engineers. They may not have the education of an engineering degree but you can rest assured that they know a thing or two about how to build things and make them work. I call these folks, especially after 20-30 years in the business, Accidental Engineers.

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