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The Greatest Power Lies Within You – Power of Mind

There are situations in life when you are confused, tensed, sad and frustrated. These situations are born when you do not get the desired results in life. This in turn makes you think where you went wrong. The answer lies within you. This is known as Mind Power.

What is Mentalism Magic?

Mentalism is similar to magic; the difference is that people know you are doing tricks while mentalism projects you as having the third eye and some predictive skills. One example of mentalism magic is when you use Zener cards as the tool.

Mind Movies and the Law of Attraction – A Powerful Combination

When trying to manifest your dreams using the Law of Attraction, it is imperative to ask for things as if they existed already. Using pictures of things you wish to attract that are specific to you is a powerful way to put the Law of Attraction on steroids.

A New Pathway For You

Your life has been driven by the invisible, although powerful force called your mindset. Judging on the quotation above, it’s important to change your mindset in order to experience greater success.

Attaining Intelligence Improvement

Growing up, we’ve always been bombarded by various tests, exams and other IQ measurement tools to make sure that we are functioning at our best potential and that we all grow to become highly adept social, emotional and intellectual beings. But how far are we really going in order to attain intelligence improvement that we want or need?

Focus Your Mind – Real Self Help

It’s strange that you wouldn’t consider leaving home naked in the morning, but you’d have no problem leaving the house mentally unprepared for the day ahead – that’s what most people do, it’s normal. As a result, the normal life is mundane and often worse. But five minutes focusing your mind, first thing each morning, will completely change your life. This article discusses the type of focus required and how anyone (that includes you) can do it.

As Opposed to Closing Time, it is Opening Time

An open mind is the most powerful remedy in the universe for destructive tendencies. If it were not, then racism, a closed mind, and being an idiot would work wonders for anyone. Hence my title, as opposed to closing time, it is opening time.

Mentalism Tricks That You Can Do Now!

Mentalism is an art much like magic, only in mentalism, you present a façade that you have the gift of mind reading and precognition. Magicians in their shows use mentalism. Here are some mentalism magic activities that you could engage in.

How to Control and Direct Your Subconscious Mind to Create a Better Life For Yourself

What you need to do is learn how to harness, direct, and instruct your subconscious mind – and you will begin to utilize the full potential of your mind. You will use the power of your mind and subconscious mind to create the life you want.

Is it Possible to Improve Your Financial Situation With Emotional Freedom Technique

Joe Vitale and other advocates of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) claim that EFT tapping sessions help people to achieve freedom from limiting financial beliefs, eliminate subconscious blocks toward making money and manifest their dreams.

Get What You Want – Using the Power of Your Mind

We are all just a decision away from being happy or unhappy. We can get what we want if we have clarity and a burning desire mixed with emotion. Yes, as the saying goes, it truly is “all in the mind”.

Your Subconscious Mind Steers Your Soul!

Many people, as in the vast majority, never explore the limitless possibilities open to them by utilising what we are all gifted with the all-powerful subconscious mind. Many people are skeptics when it comes to further developing or enhancing the performance of their own minds.

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