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Discover the Secret of Beliefs to Take Charge of Your Life Now

An introduction to beliefs and how they are formed. Understanding beliefs will give you an edge in life that few are aware of, and even fewer apply.

Changing Subliminal Perceptions With Brainwave Entrainment

Before we get to the nitty gritty of brainwave entrainment, the first thing that should be done is to address the term subliminal perception. What that means is how your pre-awareness perceives your own internal abilities through external and environmental interactions defines the level of brain activity and ability that can or perhaps cannot handle a given problem or experience.

Change Your Mind For the Better With Brainwave Entrainment

Change your mind for the better with brainwave entrainment, a technology that has taken the personal development industry by storm and has improved the lives of thousands of people all over the world. This number is steadily growing as more and more people are realising on a daily basis the true power of the brain and how they can release this veritable untapped power for their own advantage.

Achieve Success by Harnessing the Hidden Power of the Mind

While scientifically “clumsy” as this may sound, the mind is an untapped source of power that has been living in blissful ignorance to the rest of humanity – the very owners of this untapped power. Achieve success by harnessing the hidden power of the mind is not just a statement thrown together to make an interesting article; it is more of a push in the direction of personal development that we all need.

Everything is a Metaphor

Is there such a thing as ‘objective reality’? Can we directly sense the world beyond our own perceptual filters? What if our own perceptions were mere representations of a deeper underlying reality…

Brain Myth Number 1

Students who obtain low grades can excuse their marks by thinking: “I wasn’t born clever enough to cope with studying!” Incompetent teachers can justify poor grades by complaining: “How can we teach children who were born to fail?” This myth is popular because it shifts responsibility for failure away from the individual and onto the genetic blueprint from which the brain was constructed.

Brain Enhancement Benefits of Brain Training Software

There are more than a couple dozen legitimate companies producing brain entrainment software, then there are subliminals both video and audio, software to take advantage of brain plasticity and even anti-aging software. Brain games, teasers, brain music, logic puzzles, strategy games, chess and more are found everywhere including smart software that learns from your performance to crossword puzzles found at your grocery store… Discover what’s the driving force behind this mind brain explosion and what kind of results can you expect.

Using Your Mind Instead of Your Mind Using You in Difficult Times

During difficult times our mind can either evolve us to a higher level or it defeats us. We have to learn how to preside over our mind or we become victims of how we were conditioned in the past. When you accept the power you naturally have, you will never be a victim to your past conditioning. Learn how the way you use your mind plays a significant role in how you face your challenges.

Peak Experiences

It is very likely that you have already experienced something of the excitement and the sense of supreme confidence that comes from being able to harness the stupendous intellectual driving force of the human mind. The pioneering studies of the late Professor Abraham Maslow of Brandeis University, the founder of humanistic psychology, showed that almost everyone has been able to make contact with this power at some time in their lives. According to Professor Maslow, we make contact with this inner intellectual force during what he termed “peak experiences,” moments when mind and body perform with total excellence.

Update Your Brain and Upgrade Your Life

The human brain is a biological computer. Just like an electronic computer, it can become clogged with rubbish, making it slow down, become unresponsive, and in some cases even break down altogether, like a PC when it crashes. We begin life with a good brain, ready for fresh input. Sadly, the input we receive isn’t too good, its outdated, faulty, and based too much on emotional life which ruins our potential to think or ‘compute’ logically.

Brain Myth No 3

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks! Yes, you can! One of society’s most harmful misconceptions about brain power is that it gets worse as you grow older.

Brain Myth No 2

I have a terrible memory! No you don’t! This equally widely held belief is just as false as the first myth.

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