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Organizing the Creative Geniuses to Get the Most Out of Their Intellectual Strength

Most of the superstar creative geniuses of our time, and I am talking about those that have an IQ over 155, desperately need a group of researchers and project managers behind them to help implement all the incredible concepts and ideas they come up with. And, when I talk about 155+ IQ, I don’t mean the kind of folks that were able to barely qualify for Mensa, or have studied all the IQ tests, each and every week until they finally were able to have a fluke testing and able to test at 160.

5 Super Zoomer Self Management Skills For Body, Mind & Spirit

Super Zoomers are those of us, age 60 plus, who are still actively involved in our work life. We want to contribute, participate, be rewarded and recognized for our experience, talent and wisdom accumulated, in my case, over 66 years of living.

Getting Literal – Appreciate the Details to Make Life Worth Living

People see the most beautiful things each day but fail to allow them to deeply register because they don’t ask for just one more detail. The solution: grab a pen and start seeing dollar signs.

Benefits of Deep Breathing Can Include Improved Concentration

Everybody needs to improve their concentration – In fact most people can only really focus their attention on a single thought for a few seconds at most. The connection between improved breathing and concentration is established in this article. Put simply, Better Breathing can improve your concentration in a matter of days.

Who Can We Trust? Is Everyone in This World Dishonest – You and Me Included?

So, who can we trust? Well, despite what I just said, most people are basically honest. HOWEVER, there are degrees of honesty…and, I am not convinced that anyone can claim to be 100% honest. Maybe you are the exception? But, before you claim that high ground, think about the following scenarios.

Does Going to the Grocery Store to Shop and Find Items Increase Brain Function?

Did you know that when monkeys, chimpanzees, and rats hunt for food that their brains are busy forming more connections? Do you have any idea how similar human DNA is to those species? It’s true, and I suppose other predator species are the same. It is my contention and belief that domesticated animals like dogs and cats have smaller brains and they aren’t as smart as wild animals with extremely similar DNA. In my theory it’s because we feed then so, they don’t have to hunt for food and therefore, they are not forming those extra connections.

Brainwave Entrainment Methods

Brainwave entrainment is a popular way to achieve altered states of consciousness through using a simple aural stimulus. Learn about the different methods and how they work.

Brain Games or Brain Training – Which One is Better?

Scientific background- If you’re serious about improving your brain fitness, you probably don’t want to waste your time on brain games that aren’t proven effective. In order to get the most out of your training, you should use exercises that have a solid scientific background and have been validated by independent sources. You should always check to make sure that the product you’re using was tested and showed positive results among people who are similar to you in categories such as age, gender, and general health.

The Power of Mind

“A calm mind can counter anything but nothing can counter a calm mind.” How often does it happen to you that you are doing one thing but thinking about the other? Your mind takes a ride into a world of its own without your command.

Brain Health – I’m a Big Baby, Why Aren’t You?

When it comes to keeping your brain fit and healthy you need to become a big baby. Now I don’t mean you become a sook… what I mean is that you can rewire your brain using the some of the techniques that babies use to build their brain.

Concentration Memory Games – Play to Enhance Your Memory & Concentration

The ability to concentrate is a virtue of all, but some have low concentration levels and some have stupendous concentration power and there are a section people who possess average levels of concentration. A distracted mind cannot concentrate and this could lead to inability to learn or complete any given task.

Play Face Memory Games and Improve Your Brain Health & Memory Power the Fun Way

Day in and day out you meet so many people at work or social events or even when you visit the super market or while you jog in the park and remembering so many faces is quite a task. Sometimes it so happens that you either remember the name or only the face of a person but will find it difficult to associate the name and the face correctly.

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