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Subliminal Computer Software – Does it Really Work?

Subliminal messages have been one of the most powerful tools of advertising ever invented. So much so, that they became banned for those who abused them. Recently a personal version of subliminal messaging has been developed. With the readily available personal software, you can gain your access to this unique tool of subliminals and help yourself produce behaviour that will enhance the quality of your life.

Ascension and Groups

Are groups necessary for our ascension? Can they be harmful?

Subliminal CDs – Your Key to Life Success

How can something be as simple as a CD be your key to life success? Well it isn’t actually the medium that is important when looking at the technology of subliminal CD’s, it is more of the process and the engineering of these tracks and what they aim to do which can more distinctly define it as a turnkey to liberation. For most people, they are stuck in a quandary in life, often being misled by their own insecurities and failures of character and addictions that often lead them away from the true path of success.

Supercharge Your Brain Power With Subliminal Messaging

How does one supercharge the brainpower with subliminal messaging? Well, the theory behind this is that the mid is capable of some truly awesome things, and this is a fact that the medical and scientific industry has been harping a lot of the time. This is why there has been so much extensive research on the brain; especially the effects on subconscious manipulation. We can take inspirations from those who are truly religious and use the power of meditation to pull of some amazing stuff; like not eating for days, or the ability to lift things beyond their capabilities and the ability to withstand a healthy amount of pain without flinching.

Triggering Subliminal Mind Power For Success

The mind is made to give you success and this goes beyond the basic functions of the brain. We have the power to be all we can be, and no matter how poetic and cliche that sounds, it is a truth that we all have to face up to and the other side of the truth as well; which we are sorely losing out because we have yet to realise the full potential of the mind. Success is there and like the beaches of Troy – immortality is there only if you want to take it. Why sit back and see other luminaries take the spotlight when you can be famous in your own right. All you need to do is to condition the mind to have the characteristics that you need to gain success. What are they? Confidence. A belief in yourself and all abilities.

Subconscious Reprogramming Using Subliminal Technology

The mind is actually a tricky piece of human equipment, because it has been effectively split into two. One is the conscious awareness that we all know of and the other is called the pre conscious or the subconscious mind, and funny as it is, that is the most important one of the two. Why? Simple. The subconscious mind sits as one might say deep within the cortex of the brain and has the ability to control every aspect and every sphere, every lobe of the brain. It has its hands on your value system, your morals, your behavioural patterns and everything about the human spirit and soul. It has even the ability to induce physical characteristics and is the one responsible for your cold sweats and your spikes in emotions.

Overcoming Your Darkest Addictions With Subliminal Technology

The term “addiction” is often used to describe when a person has an obsessive and compulsive need, which manifests itself in a physical dependence that is rooted more in psychology than anything else; on a particular drug or activity. The categories for addiction can fall into the ranges of drugs, video games, alcohol, crime, ever eating, gambling, pornography and even niche addictions which are too many to list here.

Understanding Your Subconscious Mind

Most people are still not aware of any functions that the subconscious mind may have and even less aware of the importance of their subconscious mind in relation to their everyday lives. The truth is, understanding your subconscious mind is very important it you want to improve your life.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Golf

Training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP is up and coming for all types of sport and plays a key role in Mental Golf skills. NLP sports coaches are on the increase as the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming spreads to football managers, teams, tennis players, golfers and other sportsmen and sportswomen In England, the UK and Ireland.

How to Exercise When Ill – Some Facts About Mental Training

If you think physical exercise is all there is to training, think again. No doubt, if you need to build muscle or stamina, then “real” physical training, i.e. running or weight lifting or rafting will always be needed to get your body into shape. There is another side to the effects of exercising though, and that is that it coordinates certain muscles, learning to move exactly as prescribed by the particular sport’s rules etc.

Kid’s Memory Games – Let Your Child Improve Memory by Playing Games

Kids’ memory is usually disorganised and that makes them forget quickly. They often forget what homework was given in school; spellings they learnt recently and some times they are unable to recall people’s names. Due to disorganised thoughts they tend to give less importance to these facts and fail to register the information in their mind and thus forget. By stimulating their brain with activity that motivates them to think, recall and organise will certainly enhance their memory.

Flex Those Brain Cells With Brain Exercises

It’s a frequent topic with our aging boomer generation friends. We have grey hair, wrinkles, extra pounds and new aches and pains. We can cope with all those. Our biggest fear as we age, joked about in the way you skirt around the edges of real-life monsters, is loss of our mental abilities. Research is showing that brain exercises help slow the aging process of our gray matter. I exercise my brain with hidden object games and other computer games that provide loads of fun and mental challenge at minimal cost. Cheap games and free downloads give a chance to try out lots of new games to find ones that rapidly become favorites.

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