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How Do Binaural Beats Work? Part 2

Binaural beats can be used in many different ways and for many different reasons. Different frequencies will affect different areas of our conscious and unconscious mind. The secret is in knowing which frequencies of binaural beats to produce the desired effect.

How Do Binaural Beats Work? Part 1

When listening to binaural beats, if you are thinking that you will feel or look foolish by listening to nothing for ten to twenty minutes at a time, you can relax. If you were listening to nothing but binaural beats it would sound something like a motorboat passing you on the surface of the water while you were submerged. Now, that particular sound is probably not the most engaging sound to listen to and because of that the producers of the binaural beat tracks have some different ways hiding the sounds.

Ether Plane

Ether plane is an old/new concept which has been explored in many means and different perspectives throughout centuries. Astral travel and astral projection are common, well it is related to Ether, Instant Communication is also related to Ether, in fact the whole concept of Be and it shall Be “the Kon fayakoun dogma” is at the heart of the Ether theory.

Boosting Your Creativity With iMindMap

What is one easy and simple way to boost your creativity? Find out what iMindMap can do to your creativity from this article now…

Success Through Positive Mental Attitude – What Are Your Mindset Traits?

Depending on how you think will have a big impact on your success. Your mental attitude is a huge factor of whether you will have success or failure. As an internet marketer, a positive mindset is one of the most important traits that you must possess.

What Are Astral Projection Binaural Beats?

Astral projection is the greatest gift and tool given to us to understanding who we truly are as individuals and our greater purpose as a whole. It allows us to become one with our true essence and nature of the universe. Due to our society, self-inflicted concepts, ego’s, and other various factors, we have gone astray from our true nature making it very difficult to project. Thanks to special tools such as binaural beats, we are able to overcome our once thought impossible self-limiting beliefs.

Our Psyche and Beliefs

Though we do not give much emphasis and accept it as an integral entity of life, how our psyche works is uniquely out of the ordinary, strange and bizarre. Given below are some of my thoughts on this egocentric nature of the psyche.

The Big Misunderstanding – Trauma Versus Disappointment

The first secret to raising kids is knowing the huge distinction between trauma and disappointment. Yes, you’ll disappoint your sweetie when you stop letting him call the shots at bedtime – but no, he won’t be the least bit traumatized. In fact, he’ll take a giant step toward becoming a well-adjusted tiny individual.

Key Facts About Mind Control

The process in which a person gains control over one’s own mind and subsequently influence their own thinking, attitude, behavior, emotions or decision making is known as mind control. This term has various other aliases which are brainwashing, coercive persuasion, thought control, thought reform and systematic manipulation of psychological and social influence.

Positive Thoughts and the Power it Contains to Influence Your Life

The mind is a powerful tool that God almighty gave to all humans. If used properly it can transform a persons’ life to heights unimaginable. God gave us everything and on top gave us the mind with which to manufacture our actions. In fact, the mind can be well described as a factory where positive thoughts as well as negative ideas spring.

The Most Powerful Mind Development Resource Available For Free

The Most powerful learning tool that you have available is reading and obtaining knowledge. There are four traits to becoming a successful person in any industry that you’re in.

The Power of Belief

What difference does belief make in your life? What can you do to change it?

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