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The Mind Map Application That Works

How does a working mind map application look like? Is it really helpful when it comes to mind mapping? Find out the truth and secrets from this article now…

8 Keys to the Right Thoughts and Right Results

Remember, having the wrong type of thoughts will bring forth the wrong type of words, and the right type of thoughts will bring forth the right type of words. What you are experiencing in your mental or your internal mindset will be manifested externally.

5 Keys to Become Aware of Your Thoughts

Thoughts, we all have them everyday; this includes negative thoughts and positive thoughts. The important factor here is that we must become aware of the thoughts that we are having. Why is this important?

Learn How to Stimulate the Production of Alpha Brain Waves During the Day

The modern day person experiences a lot of stress and anxiety, which provides for the production of beta brain waves, while the most beneficial state of relaxation produces alpha brain waves. Perhaps the easiest and most effective method for alpha brain wave activity production is the use of binaural beats.

5 Keys to Healthy Thinking

In the circles of self improvement we come across concepts like mindful eating, mindful walking, mindful awareness, and mindful just about anything. The purpose for any type of mindful anything is to help make us aware of our thoughts that can lead us to make healthy choices, therefore guide us to take healthy actions.

Can a Free Mind Map Program Be Trusted?

There are many free mind map programs out there but the question is, can they really be trusted? Find out from this article if they are the ones you should put your trust on…

The Things Mind Map Programs Don’t Do

Many have learned and acknowledged the wonders and magics of mind map programs. However, there are certain things they do not do and you are going to find out from this article…

Why Bother Using Mind Mapping Programs?

Seriously, why do you bother using mind mapping programs? Are they really helpful? You are going to find out the truth from this article…

Binaural Beats History

Despite the fact that the production of binaural beats has only been feasible by advancements in new technology, the knowledge behind them has been known throughout time. Ancient cultures have known about the power and effectiveness of binaural beats decades before science has caught up with them.

Brainwave Synchronization – How Does it Work?

Brainwave synchronization is basically another term for brainwave entrainment. It works by presenting the right binaural frequencies to the brain in order to achieve the desired altered state of consciousness. There are a few different types of brainwave synchronization that can be hugely beneficial to many people.

Free Binaural Beats – Where to Find Them

If you have been learning about binaural beats and other types of brainwave entrainment you are likely curious to try some free binaural beats to find out what they sound like, how they make you feel and if you want to make an actual purchase. Most brainwave entrainment companies will offer a free sample of their binaural recordings. The trick is to do a little research to figure out exactly which company you might like to purchase from. Watch for websites that offer only pure, raw, original audios that have not been used in stock recordings.

Astral Projection – What is Astral Projection?

You may have heard the term “astral projection”, but do you really know what it is? Most people who have heard of astral projection aren’t aware that it is real and anyone can achieve it.

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