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Subliminal 101 – How Our Subconscious Works

Exploring the facts and intricacies of subconscious mind is a very interesting subject. A lot of intellectual brains have given several hours of their life in untangling this puzzle.

How to Use Your Subconscious Mind For Happy Life

Everybody believes that mind is a very powerful thing if properly used. But there are very few people who believe in the power of subconscious mind. How does subconscious mind work, and how to use it? If we get the answer of this question then accordingly we could alter our lifestyles and lead a better life ahead.

Positive Affirmation Can Shape Your Habits For Good!

The personality of a person is mainly a habit, a way of life of that person. If a person is fit and carries a personality of a sportsman then it can be directly related to his habit of daily workouts. These habits start developing is a person right from his childhood.

How to Have Continuous AH HA! Moments

When you have an “AH HA” moment it feels like you just found a gold mine, but in essence, you’ve just stuck gold in your mind, so you can call it a gold mind, “Pardon My Lame Joke” but i believe you understand what i mean. These moment’s sometime happen by accident, but what really spark’s them is inspiration. People have these moment’s all the time, for all types of reasons to.

Increase Brain Power and Realize All That You Can Be

We all want to excel in things that we do. Why not increase brain power and make things brighter, bigger and so unique you stand out in the crowd!

Truth About Genetic Memory

Genetic memory is present at birth without having to experience it first hand. Now is it for real?

Let Go of the Negative Thoughts

Are you hauling around a bunch of guilt, shame, regret, failure…? Every day when you wake up are you reminded of all the things you have done wrong? Are you reminded of how you messed up?

5 Powers of the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is where it all happens. The origin of your life experience finds its roots in this level of the mind. By consciously choosing your thoughts it’s possible to condition this level of the mind and live the life of your dreams.

A Course in Mind Power – A Combination of Qi Energy, Law of Attraction, and Psychic Neurology

y now millions have watched The Secret and understand the principles of the law of attraction. I must admit, I was excited the first time I saw it. Yet, my common sense told me that even though focusing your intention is beneficial to enhancing your life, visualization alone will not achieve the results they promised in the movie.

“Why Are Humans So Stupid?” She Asked

Perhaps you have been searching around the Internet, trying to answer some of the questions that you have about life on Earth and the human endeavor. And you decided to search the question; “why are human beings so dumb?” The reality is that human beings are not stupid, in fact they are one of the smartest species on the planet, and they have a huge brain to prove it, one that requires quite a bit of energy more than any other species on Earth from what we can tell.

Positive Affirmations and the Power of Subconscious Mind

Positive affirmations will help you program your own mind using the power of subconscious mind. What are affirmations and what exactly is the subconscious mind?

Follow These 3 Tips To Use Your Willpower Properly

Willpower is the genesis of choice. Choice is the genesis of your life experience. Follow these tips to properly direct your willpower.

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