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Nourishing Intellectual Wellness

Would you consider yourself intellectually stimulated? To nourish one’s intellectual wellness, one must be constantly feeding the mind with intelligent thoughts. One should always be aware of what is going on in the mind.

The Power of Your Comfort Zone

What exactly is your comfort zone? It’s the emotional and mental state you experience when you routinely go about your day. You engage in behaviors and habits that come naturally to you, your personality, and your lifestyle.

You Are Interrelated With The Universe – You Are An Instrument Of The Universe

For any instrument to work well, it needs to be cared for. It needs to be tuned and protected. It needs to be in tune with the Universal Laws. In order to be in tune, it is essential that you learn to control your thought and feelings. Understanding the Universals Laws helps you to do this. What are you willing to do to take care of your instrument.

The Signs of a Strong Mind

When Poor People Talk, Poor People Listen. Why in a world that is so close to self destruction would take advice from someone in a Worst Situation than they are.

Simple Tips To Practice Positive Thinking

You must have already read it over and over that our thoughts determine the direction of our lives. What you have in your mind can take you forward or backward. This means that if you feel that you are moving backward, take time to recognize negative thoughts and treat them as your worst enemy. Read this article to find out what you need to do.

Refocus and Realign With Every Stroke in Golf and in Life

When in the course of human events you perform at less than your ability and fall into a destructive cycle of doubt about your skill, which makes you feel worse and thus perform even more badly, how do you escape? At a recent golf tournament I witnessed my son doing just that. And he even knows about mental resilience. What I realized from silently watching from the sidelines is that in golf, you have a chance to restore your equilibrium and get back on track with each and every stroke. When you know the formula, you can apply a similar strategy of refocus and realignment in many other areas of life as well.

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind – Use It Wisely

The power of your subconscious mind is vast. This area of your mind harbours all the ‘computer code’ which eventually translates into your thoughts, feelings, emotions, habits, personality and character.

Learn Lucid Dreaming With Binaural Beats

Every night so many people take for granted their dreams. They don’t realize just how amazing and realistic they can be not to mention just plain fun. Dreams take us away from everyday life and allow us to explore a world without any limitations. They can show us mental and emotional blocks we need to overcome, fill us with creative insight, and some can even be precognitive – warning us about future events. But very people know that dreams can in fact be a very lucid experience.

Proven Mind Control Techniques That Enrich Your Life

The mind is deeper than an ocean and it is very hard to find what is lying deep within. It has the capacity to wander to various distances in a split second and then come back more rapidly. Many people in the past have felt the power of mind and realized how difficult it is to bring it under control. Hence, the need arose to find an effective way of controlling the mind and various theories were born.

Simple Tricks To Achieving Awesome Mind Power

There are quite a number of reasons as to why an individual may be interested in attaining mind power, as research reports most of us utilize a mere percentage of our brain capacity. To be precise on these, it’s written that the most genius of all utilizes less than 40 percent of their total brain capacity.

How To Synchronize Body In Mind For A Mental Advantage

Most people wonder how they can synchronize body in mind, one may ask why even think seek ways to have such an act. Research has it that entwining one’s mind with the body is quite effective in self healing process. Acute disease and soul disturbance can be healed by entwining one’s body and the mind. As hard as it may seem the act is quite achievable, however one needs professional mental guidance.

Why We Should Develop Our Psychic Powers

There are basically two schools of thought when it comes to explaining extrasensory perception (ESP) or psychic powers. One school of thought, which is influenced by the Christian religion, holds that these so-called powers are nothing more than the work of the devil. The other school of thought holds that there is nothing wrong with psychic power. They are part of man’s natural constitution. I go for the second point of view.

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