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Things Are Not Always What They Seem

The truth is out there. But it’s easier to be fooled by what occurs in general conversations than you might imagine. That’s how small misconceptions become large lies which spread by accident, not intent.

How Realizations Alter Your Future – Cognitive Tasks and the Continuum of Our Being

Realizations are learning to perform cognitive tasks that were not possible before the moment of realization. Such actions or sensations were not possible to causate to consciousness and even less were one able to adjust his/her life in relativity with them. Realizations grant the tasty metabolic rewards for the explorers from quantum physics to welders to authors to philosophers to home makers, and as realizations expand the cognitive procedural capacity, the future changes relativity with how the individual organizes his/her future actions.

Impossibility of a Static Content in Consciousness – How and Why the Only Constancy is Change

One definitive indicator of non-static content of consciousness is the constant information flow through the senses. They are even registered when we sleep, but we are not aware of them as we register them when are awake. And as our synaptic activity is a constant process, the active combination of neurons alters all the time.

Levels of Consciousness

Our powerful mind operates like a machine. You perceive the world on the outside from the thoughts stored within your inner being. When you walk around in a dream like state of mind, illusions become a reality like closing your eyes and shutting the blinds. It is your responsibility to reprogram negative thoughts. To do this, start fresh and forgot about everything you were taught.

Agony and Ecstasy

The meaning and concept of agony, at the outset, is anguish and struggle. However, the reasons that lead to such a state are a matter of concern to all.

Camera Obscura – Reframing Conscience to Self-Development

Now you’ve done it. The guilt burdens you and you simply must endure it because it is the right thing to do, but there’s none hypocritical enough to throw the first stone and even if there were someone as innocent and wise, he/she wouldn’t throw it. The conscience can be perceived as a tool for personal development, and the only way to silence the choir of blame is to learn not to do the same mistake again.

How to Change the Internal Mindset – Continue to Ponder on It

The battle does take place in the mind. It is very critical for one to understand that the mind is the control center of our life, and that is why it is important for one to decide to reprogram his or her mind from wrong thinking to right thinking.

The Number One Reason Why People Fail

I like simple, or in other words “basic.” I have found in my experience that basic ideas are easier to understand, and when I understand them I can implement them faster. To this point, there are three basic or key components for “success” (how ever you define success.) They are…

Visualization in Mind Power

A visualization of what mind power can do to bring change in your life. Doing mental rehearsing in a day to day basis will enhance you mind power capabilities.

New Year Resolutions – Why Don’t They Work?

Many people make New Year Resolutions with the best of intentions even though they know that they’ve failed to keep them in previous years. The reason for such failures is often that success relies on Will Power which is not a very reliable resource when it comes to achieving your aims. Because they are frequently thought up almost on the spur of the moment, resolutions are rarely underpinned by a plan. Therefore the chances of success are effectively doomed from the start. So rather than resolutions what we’ve probably got are good intentions at best but in reality they are often just wishful thinking!

Mastering Our Minds in Gaining Self-Discipline

I’ve mentioned several times that the last frontier for me–my penultimate struggle–is managing my food intake. Well, I think I might have finally mastered it…

You Have an Enemy – It is You

Pogo, the famous philosopher stated, “We have met the enemy. They is us.” So true. Change comes from within and embracing change is vital for personal and practice growth. The only constant in your practice should be “change.”

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