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Is it True That Bad Things Always Happen to Good People?

Before endeavoring to understand why bad things could happen to good people we must first answer a few questions of our own. These questions and answers enable us understand why bad things could happen to good people.

Improve Concentration With These Top Techniques

Modern science hasn’t even begun to push the realms of what your own mind is capable of. With proper focus and application, you can improve concentration with some fairly basic techniques, much like using computer language to turn meaningless numbers into a string of complex instructions.

Emotional IQ and Its Importance

People talk about IQ. But have you heard abut Emotional IQ? Some research says that high IQ people can still fail because their lack of awareness on Emotional IQ. What is emotional IQ? How is it important to improve your Emotional IQ and maintain it?

Benefits of a Grasshopper Mind

Coupled with short-term memory loss, (for fear of repeating myself, which I often do), I tend to use analogies to explain myself. I liken that to a jigsaw puzzle where I am the only person to see the picture on the lid. All the pieces are in the box except the corners and straight edges which have been put in place to form the foundation of my major undertaking.

How to Help Those Who Refuse to Accept Your Help

One of the given facts in life is to have the means and willingness to help others who refuse to accept this help. More often than not there are a number of reasons why most people refuse the help of others. Below are some of the most popular ones and how they can be overcome.

Do Self Help Techniques Actually Work?

Some people base their entire life on them, and others say they’re complete mumbo jumbo. And they’re almost always surrounded by lots of hype. So what is the truth, do self help techniques actually work?

How Can You Start Reprogramming Your Brain Today?

It boils down to the invasive mental programming handed down to us. It started when we were babies. We learned to cry in order to get what we wanted. As young children we were often rewarded by doing a job or for good behavior. Instant gratification based on our external actions.

Channeling – Spiritual Therapy

Our subconscious minds are in contact with the universal energies that connect all things and the laws that govern them. We can use this to our advantage by understanding the power of visualization, the law of attraction and astral viewing. We then have real control of our lives.

Whatever It Takes

All our lives, the majority of us have lived with the wrong mindset. We need to use our self talk and prepare ourselves for the day.

Originality and Performing Original Thinking in Our Daily Lives

Discusses applying originality and performing original thinking in our daily lives. Gives hints on how to think more originally, and factors that allow us to include more original thoughts each day.

Introducing the Mind – The Inner Critic

We are all challenged by the thoughts that are running through our minds on a daily basis. In the following article I would like to introduce you to one specific voice called ‘The Inner Critic’ and how to live with it or disengage from it.

Introducing the Mind – The Judge

We are all challenged with the thoughts that are running through our minds on a daily basis. In the following article I would like to introduce you to one specific voice called ‘The Judge’ and how to live with it or inquire in the emotions that are driving the Judge.

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