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Mind Control Programming From Your Couch

Electroencephalography is the use of sensitive instruments to record all the electromagnetic activity that is produced along and within the scalp, produced normally and naturally by the firing of neurons within the brain. The brain is prone to spontaneous electrical activity, and this happens when different areas of the brain try to communicate with one another. How this is done, is that electrodes and frequency machines will be placed in and around the head to pick up these very signals. Where this came from actually is from the medical condition of epilepsy, and this method was introduced to actually measure the difference during an epileptic fit of the level of neuron activity in the brain as compared to when the subject is in the normal state.

Science of Mind Power and Entrainment Techniques

Here, we are talking about binaural beats and why they deserve such special mention because they actually form the basis of one of the most popular and effective brainwave mind augmentation techniques is available today. What this is engineered and sculpted sounds that have been produced with the specific intent to create a sort of response in the brain that is needed to produce the effects of mind power and entrainment. How this works is that the person who is engineering the beat will first choose a medium. It can be anything from visual to auditory, or sometimes a mix of both, but in this, we will be concentrating on the auditory.

1 of 5 Mind Development – Who Created What’s in Your Head?

Who Created What’s in Your Head? Parts of our life are filleted and processed by our brains. Depending on how well devolved our minds are will determine the quality of our life’s.

We Have All Been Gifted With “The Silver Tongue”

Every time he read a book out loud, something from the story came to existence but there was a price – a sacrifice of something going into the book. Hence he was called “The Silver Tongue”.

Concentration Power – Why it Matters and How You Can Improve It

Just like the rays of the sun can ignite a fire when focused at an object through a magnifying glass we can ignite ourselves by concentrating our mental powers. This article explains how.

Alpha Brain Waves – Understanding Them and Their Benefits

Alpha brain waves are one of the four major frequency ranges in which the brain functions on a daily basis. Beta is the most active range, while Theta and Delta are the lowest ranges generally associated with sleeping and meditation. Alpha is considered to be the relaxed state. There are many benefits to alpha brainwave activity.

Mind Programming – What’s That? How the Mind Creates Your Reality!

Your mind is programmed. It’s kind of like in the movie, “The Matrix”. Once you realize your brain is programmed, you empower yourself to make changes.

The Power of Words and Thoughts

It is important to watch the words that you use and the thoughts that may be ruminating around in your head. It is believed that we have between 60,00 to 80,00 thoughts per day and most of them are repeats from yesterday. This article provides helpful tips to become aware of your words.

The Four States of Consciousness

Before you begin your journey into meditation it is important to understand how your brain can switch between different states of consciousness and also the benefits and importance of each one of these states. It is also important that you realize that you already meditate numerous times throughout your day without you even realizing, read on and I will explain.

How to Use Alpha Brainwaves For Optimum Learning and Relaxation

We all know that our brains function on a daily basis at different brainwave frequencies beginning when we first wake up in the morning. The different brainwave frequencies correspond to varying states of alertness and relaxation. We are going to explore the Alpha brainwaves range, which is 7-13 Hz.

Extensive Studying

I remember there is a commercial advertisement saying like this, “A wily hare has three burrows. You job now is a midway only; you have to utilize your spare time on readings or studying a course which helps you to become a professional. When you quit your job, your professional would become your asset.” The contribution of Magnetic Sponsoring or Renegade Marketer is not only prevailing “the law of attraction”, but also an “Extensive Studying” – self-improvement. One’s leadership generates from a self-improvement, not searching for any magic lamps that can make you success. This monumental contribution perfects the value of network marketing business.

Becoming a Genius

We can learn to predict and create the future by analyzing implications and implication trees. To do this, we must look at the process of thinking things through. Thinking things through is a skill we develop over time, thanks to our experiences forcing us to do so.

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