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Determination, Too

The talk show on public radio had my attention. The speaker talked of company performance and how that performance would be remembered by the public via hindsight.  He was fairly busy slapping the hands of big business wheeler-dealers and rightly so (in my opinion).

What’s Your Purpose?

What is one of the fundamental insights you need to live a fulfilled life? Have you ever thought about why you are actually here on this planet? What’s your purpose?

Free Online Brain Games to Increase Your Brain Power

To improve your mental health and to prevent brain aging all you need to do is spend sometime on a daily basis playing brain games; rather make it a regular habit and then start a game you are familiar with and later opt for a new game, eventually increasing the level of difficulty. Free online games offer a variety of puzzles, brainteasers, riddles or mind puzzles that will help your brain exercise with absolutely no cost at all! So, you have got no excuses to make.

Understanding the Art of Problem Solving

Many people do not understand that solving problems is really an art instead of a science. Algebra teachers claim that algebra is not really a math. It is a class in logic that teaches the five steps to problem solving.

Understanding the Power of the Subconscious Mind – Helps You Reveal Hidden Truths in Your Life

The subconscious mind helps one to realize many important issues in life. Revelations that do not necessarily come out in the open reveal themselves in the subconscious.

Developing Critical Thinking

In the course of our work lives, we learn specific tasks associated with our job positions, sometimes putting our strategic thinking on auto pilot. We perform our job responsibilities satisfactorily enough, but often we don’t develop the reflective judgment skills of ‘critical thinking’.

Low Carb Diets Might Hurt Short Term Memory

Bottom Line: Low carb diets, especially in the initial stages where they are basically “no carb” diets, end up starving your brain. So the key is you need some carbs, even in a low-carb diet.

Is the Brain Fitness Program Dull?

What do the words “brain fitness program” bring to mind? I know when I think of fitness programs, I think of the aerobics classes I see at my YMCA, which looks like a fun dancing type of movement, led by an instructor with a microphone, and disco or dance music playing. But brain fitness brings to mind term papers and reports and drudgery.

Sleeping Holds the Key to Improving Your Memory

College students are well known for putting in all night study sessions to cram for that big exam, but according to a recent study (and good common sense), students getting more sleep the night before the test is a better way for improving your memory. Participants in the study, appearing in the November 2008 issue of the journal of Learning & Memory, did a far better job playing a video game they’d learned after a good night’s sleep.

Brainwave Technology – The Life-Changing Solution For Success

Change your life in whatever ways you can. We as humans are plagued with many imperfections, and although we are almost struggling on a daily basis with problems of the physiological, we often do not think about the problems of the mind and of the brain. I am not talking about developmental disorders or even mental diseases that affect the young and the aged, I am talking about the constant disease that we are being afflicted with, the one that 90% of the human race have no idea about.

Controlling Your Mind Power – Stop Predicting HOW Your Desires Will Come

I have written at length about your self image and the many tricks it uses to keep you under its control. There is one other trick that I have not mentioned that will keep you from making changes in your life that will allow you to attract more of what you desire.

Brain Training – It Works (to Improve Mental Skills) And it Doesn’t (to Reduce Brain Age)

A new study shows how brain training works – and doesn’t work. It depends on what you define as “it works”. So, if you are considering buying some of these new programs, you do need to do a bit of homework. Here you have a 10-Question Program Evaluation Checklist to support your decision process.

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