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Brain Wave Patterns – Your Frequency to the Fast Lane

By reading this article, you will be well on your way to finding out the key to gaining an edge in life. This is done by using brainwave patterns to your own advantage and we shall delve a little deeper into the science of this first. Brainwaves exist in all of us, no matter who we are and they are naturally occurring in the cortex and the brain stem. What happens is that the different spheres and the different areas of the brain need to communicate with each other and how they do this is by using electromagnetic waves and pulses produced by the neurons in the cortical of the brain. We all have neurons, and they number in the billions in the brain.

What Are the Different Types of Brain Waves?

While there is a lot of literature about how many brainwaves there are, we can conclude that there are four main types that we can talk about today, and this is with the exclusion of the SMR waves that are there almost all the time. So let us talk about the Beta waves and they are mostly active when we are in the conscious state of mind. This is when we are awake and active, and it has a cycle rating of above 12. In this state, the mind does not allow itself to be influenced really very easily and because of that suggestion and association are really not the best things to be introducing to the brain at this point.

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Your Inner Voices Are Worth Listening To

When you find yourself in a predicament of major proportions, there is usually an appeal to a higher or supreme being to the effect of “Please help me out of this mess and I promise to never allow myself to be caught up like this again”. So is there a way as to how you can acquire skills to become an expert listener and then take heed of what is going on inside of you?

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