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Where Should I Call My God? What Is The Role Of Religion?

We say that the worship is the media to attain God, to call Him when we need, when we require Him, in our lives, in our problems. But do you think we really know the meaning of worship, meaning of God, and meaning of Almighty.

Manifesting Secrets – The Power of Secrecy – Stop Other People Cursing Your Success With Manifesting

Have you ever wondered if you should tell people what you’re going to manifest next? After all, the common advice from many goal setting teachers is to tell a whole bunch of people so that they’ll ‘keep you accountable’. Learn why this idea can not only slow you down, but totally ruin the results you’re getting!

How to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

You may have heard the term Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ), but what actually is it? What does it mean in practice?

How to Stay Insanely Focused on Anything

Here is an article on how to stay insanely focused on anything. If you’re serious about getting work done, please read through the whole thing. It’s not a short article.

How to Use Subliminal Messaging and Get on Top of Things

We all need a soundtrack in our lives, and with popular culture as some sort of a reference point, you need to understand that music has some really very good properties in the application of overall human improvement. Of the top of research done over the years, it has been proven that music has a very therapeutic effect on people, and depending on the tone, the level and the type of music played, a whole host of different emotions can be evoked quite simply by just playing the music.

How Subliminal Learning Can Make You a Knowledge Machine

The power of the mind is something of a wonder, and a wonder is an apt term to describe it because even now science and medicine has barely scratched the surface of the possibilities of the mind. Sure, we are discovering new things about the mind on a daily basis, but there are so many other areas that we have no idea about. More than 70% of the mind is unchartered territory and we do not have the vessels as yet to bring our scientific instruments to bear upon these strange and wonderful lands in the brain.

Mental Programming and NLP

A very simple definition of NLP i.e. “Neuro-Linguistic-Programming” breaks the term down into its three components. There is a notion amongst people that in order for you to be truly effective in using many of the NLP techniques, you require substantial training and you might not have the patience or other resources to embark on this journey.

Harness the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

When we are talking about subconscious mind and subconscious power, this is an area of study that has always captured the imagination and inspiration of many scientists and psychologists all over the world. Since the discovery of the pre-conscious mind not so long ago, there has been volumes of study brought onto bear on this topic and the discoveries have shown that the power of the mind seem to be limitless. This is because we keep discovering that there is much more the mind is capable of at the turn of every experiment and as our tools get more and more sophisticated, we become in the position of astronomers of old…

Mind Control Techniques

Throughout the ages, mind control techniques have always been regarded as highly controversial in nature and have been widely debated in both professional practitioner and non-professional circles. The definitions related to mind control can probably fill a dictionary, as some of them are so varied in its complexity. If you should speak to a psychologist, psychotherapist, hypnotist or neuro-lingual practitioner, I bet that you will get a different version from all of them.

How Your Brain Can Adapt in Difficult Times

Don’t let stress or despair cloud out the possibilities of a breakthrough in life. With childlike optimism, you can find hope and triumph in life’s darker moments, if you are willing to change.

Manifesting Secrets – Which of These 7 Manifesting Mistakes Are You Making?

Manifesting techniques can be incredibly powerful, IF you know what you’re doing. Do you know which of the seven most common manifesting mistakes you’re probably making?

Cultural Anthropology in the Context of Mathematical Modeling

Cultural anthropology is the commonly world used term today, generally refers to the study human in existing society. The origin of cultural anthropology had been used by Marcel Mauss contribution.

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