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Your Environment Shapes Who You Are Today

Do you believe that the people around you shaped who you are today? Who forms the environment around you? As you read this article keep on open mind and think about it later.

Do You Focus on Your Still, Small Voice?

We need updated neuroscientific knowledge about the brain to influence, persuade and convince folks. What the difference between top-down and bottom-up information? It matters, start now.

Alpha Brain Waves – 3 Reasons to Activate Your Alpha Brain Waves

Do alpha brain waves really reduce stress and anxiety, increase creativity, and promote peak performance? Living a stressful and high anxiety lifestyle is a recipe for failed health, limited creative functioning, and being unable to experience the full potential in our lives. Understanding the power of alpha activity states, provides a way to tap into areas of our minds that are waiting to be released.

Using the Subconscious Mind Power to Get What You Want

Do you really want to use your subconscious mind power? Chances are many people would answer yes.

Fear of Responsibility

The “Banishment from the Garden of Eden” depicts God’s wise parenting spirit as insisting that it was time for his children to grow up and get out on their own. God desired for Adam and Eve to exercise their free will and become co-creators in a world that would take shape as they fashioned it.

Do the Blind Have a Creative Imagination?

What a funny question- do the blind have an imagination? Of course, you retort, probably thinking about this issue for the first time. So what is going on here? What are the blind seeing when they use their imaginations? What is really involved in developing the skill of imagination, which requires seeing images at least mentally? Senses, plus meaningful connections as understood in the brain, and accumulated memories of those impressions over time, all together construct a repertoire of material to draw from in then interpolating and extrapolating forward as imagination.

The Only Thing You Have Any Power to Control and Change

I think everyone believes to some degree that thoughts have power. Do you know the only thing in the world that you can control? There is only one thing…

Imagine That! Exercising Your Creative Mind Power

Once we become conscious of our mental meanderings and then choose to direct them towards more constructive and purposeful ends, we become creators. This is using our imagination for good, which in turn reduces stress and allows us to be more in control of our lives and the situations we encounter. When we make imagination and creativity a conscious, integral part of our lives, we are on the road to creating the outcomes and the future we desire.

The Mentality of Becoming a Born Winner

Having a winner mentality is something that we should always consider. This can surely affect everything we do.

4 Proven Steps to Awaken the Power of the Mind

Your Mind is your goldmine; all you need is to know how to extract this gold With this idea in mind let us go and discover the power of the mind and how we can awaken it and use it for maximum power. Some people are not aware about the power of the mind and what this blessing can do for them, you may be one of those who have just heard about the mind and it power, but as you reached here it means for sure you need to know more about.

Standing Strong

Life as we know is not always as straight forward as it may seem, or indeed as we would like. In times of stress, it is easy to let the strength of our emotions take over and toss us into a wild and turbulent sea of fear and worry.

How to Train Your Mind For Excellence

The mind controls everything in your life. The reason your moving forward or backwards is because of thoughts. We can’t fight them. But we can manage or control them. Your thoughts are useless until you give them power. When you believe in its validity, then these seeds will manifest in physical form.

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