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3 Super Strong Ways to Power Blast Your Brain

Would you like to know some of the very best secrets to have the most powerful mind. Get the most out of your brain and use it to things with exceptional creativity. Have insight that few people have the ability to have.

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Mental Power – Develop Paradigm Shifting Abilities

It is a tendency that the typical person lacks the functional ability of a conditioned and fully developed mind. Opportunities, self-control, ease of performing tasks, adapting to changing conditions and learning are all compromising issues.

Cease Addictive Substances – Free Your Mind, Heal Your Body

One of the main concerns in today’s age are the hugely detrimental impact and life limiting characteristics of harmful and addictive food and other drug substances. The truly destructive and dangerous effects of these things go unnoticed because the majority of people are numbed and suppressed unknowingly through regular use of these things.

4 Ways to Empower Your Mind Transform the World Around You

Being in perfect alignment with your desires and goals and being able to put it into reality is the staple of a powerful mind. Taking control of the inner world is critical before taking control of the outer.

7 Tips For Full Mind Control

The greatest benefit of taking greater control, is the availability of choices, and ability to make decisions. Here are some great tips to have these things.

Past Life Memories, Animal Nature, Trances and Mysteries on the Move

What is real and true for you is what you put your attention on, even if it is past lives or pink elephants. Everything that comes to your mind is a mystery on the move so to speak, because each thought is an electrical impulse with some import, even the most seemingly ridiculous and strange thoughts.

Portraits of Perfectionism

Danny and his new boss William are constantly butting heads. Danny has worked in the same accounting firm for ten years and is fairly set in his ways and how he does things around the office. William has come in with some very perfectionist and demanding requests.

The Brain Workout – Start Exercise Now

The human brain has evolved through centuries of evolution to become just as it is. The result is for everyone to see. From the period in pre history when we first learnt how to light fire to this moment when we are sending electromagnetic signals into space; we have evolved.

Motivation, Focus and Energy Killer – Find Out What is Really Limiting Your Achievement

You may think that a lot of your frustration, sluggishness, lack of drive comes from you, or the way you feel. It may seem normal to you to feel these ways on a consistent basis. These things in truth, are a product of your self-created limitations.

End Subconscious Sabotage Forever!

If you are like me, you probably have a very easy time going against your will and intentions. The Subconscious mind is extremely powerful and can either be very creative or destructive. It is very easy to sabotage yourself if you are in a weak and vulnerable condition.

Let Your Brain Join the Gym

We go to the gym for a workout, to keep our bodies fit and exercised. It is not just our bodies that need a workout, our brains do too.

Puzzle Toys – Making the Mind Work to Solve the Problem of Where the Pieces Go

This can be a mountain scene or a clown from the circus with a big red nose. As any parent will tell you, when a child completes a puzzle, the pride and joy of what they have done is similar to an artist creating a master piece.

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