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Do You Have the Millionaire Mind?

Catherine graduated from one of the most prestigious universities. She is above-average in intelligence and her working hours seem to be 24/7. But Catherine has always been jealous of Erika, her average childhood friend who got a bachelor’s degree in a state university who is now a professional but still manages to go barhopping every Friday and take trips outside town once a month. As far as wealth is concerned, Erika is way above the financially struggling Catherine.

How to Train Your Mind – 3 Good Tips That Will Make You Smarter

Would you like to find out how to train your mind and learn how to become smarter? Our mind is just like any other part of our body; therefore it needs just as much attention and care. When you do simple mind exercises, it not only trains your mind but also will increase your brains power and may even raise your IQ scores.

Boost Your IQ Using These Simple Ways – Part I

There are ways to increase your IQ or brain power right here and right now. There are also ways to do it in a more sustainable and lasting way. Below are just some of these ways and I will introduce some more in the coming days.

Failure Thoughts – Do You Have Them?

Are you thinking “failure” thoughts, or “negative” thoughts, and you don’t even realize it? Many people would say they are not negative, and, most times, they would be right. After all, they always seem to be happy…

How to Become Smart and Unlock the Door to Your Inner Potential!

Would you like to find the secret on how to become smart? Great thinkers agree that it is not their conscious mind that brought them greatness.

It’s Your Brain – Are You Protecting it?

Protecting your brain is an extremely important component of optimum brain fitness. Damage can occur in a variety of ways including obvious ones like accidents and illness. But be wary of those cleaning products and even cosmetics that we expose ourselves and our children to on a routine basis.

Intelligence Demystified – The Difference Between Innate And Artificial Intelligent Systems

In most simplistic of terms, intelligence is the ability to make logical connections between representations. A classic intelligence test, such as Cattell, which doesn’t measure the memory systems, i.e. how precise the re-constructed memories are, measures just how well the person who takes the tests is able to make logical connections between images, what logic is behind the mysteriously exceeding numbers or alphabets, and if the person is able to find the correct logical connections in relations with the different given 33 representations, he/she will find himself as having an intelligence of 174.

Do Nothing For a Day

There isn’t a single day that goes by that your life isn’t subject to change. Your life does change every day, even if it just means adding more time to your ever-growing list of mundane experiences. Rarely do our lives change drastically within a single day, but it does happen.

Lucid Dream Software – The Most Effective (And Free!) on the Planet

There’s a lot of lucid dream software available, but most of it doesn’t work. It turns out that the most effective lucid dream software is a simple lucid dream timer which you can get for free on the internet. You can use this free lucid dream timer to have out of body experiences and astral project too!

How to Increase Your IQ the Practical Way

We all know how some people get to be so gifted that they are born with ultra high IQ. While for the rest of us, we’re either born with just the right amount or are lacking in some aspects of our brain power. Are you one of those who seem to be having a hard time grasping concepts, retaining memories, understanding new information, etc?

How to Turn Yourself Into a Super Brain With Super Brain Yoga

One simple and easy to perform exercise can help you increase intelligence, up your mental fitness, improve your physical fitness, lose belly fat, and much much more…will you go for it? Want to improve your intelligence or even turn your kids into super-humans and fed with scholarships after scholarships? Here’s a simple answer to your prayer…

IQ Score – An Objective Measure of Intelligence Or Just a Usual Test?

When researching the information about IQ scores of famous persons, several ambiguous and confusing statements come into light. There are a mass of discussions of Shakira’s IQ that is claimed to be substantially higher than IQs of George Bush and Ronald Reagan. IQ score of Michelangelo is said to be 180, however, he died in the 16th century, while IQ score was invented only in the 20th.

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