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What’s Playing Between Your Ears

Have you ever stopped to really think about what your imagination might be costing you? Although many of us don’t realize we use our imagination to hold ourselves back, we can use our imaginations to catapult us forward into the life we want.

Reprogram Your Unconscious Behavior

Scientific data shows our subconscious programming automatically runs 95% of our lives. Most of the information in our subconscious has been programmed by well-meaning loved ones, teachers and religious leaders. Learn how to write over those old negative programs and live a happier life.

What Are You Going to Do With Your Superior Brain and High IQ?

There are a ton of very smart people in the United States, that ought to be obvious, and our strong civilization, clean water and great system, allows for even more intelligent people as a percentage of the whole of our population base. However, we must realize that intelligence requires use, as the brain is like a muscle, if you stop using it; you will lose its gift.

Radica Brain Games to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Fit

Games to improve brain power are now everywhere. Radica brain games, the maker of electronic games of all sizes and shapes are now a rage among all ages. This is the latest entry into the world of brain games to help enhance the brain power.

The Genius Project – One Brain, Two Minds

We may only have one brain, but it contains two different minds. The first mind, the one we are most aware of and familiar with, is the conscious mind. This is the logical, rational mind that we all consider when we think of the mind, because this is the mind we control. The second mind, however, operates well below the surface or our awareness, making much more intuitive, quicker, decisions, without the justification or rationalizations seen in conscious thought. This is the mind we are more concerned with when we talk about self-awareness and this is the mind we are most interested in when it comes to improving your individual performance.

Self Talking Can Be Good and Bad

The way a person “talks” to themselves about any given situation, can control the outcome. Simply stated, when a person has an obstacle approaching the only thing standing between the individual and success or failure, is the constant factor of positive self talking.

Afformations and Noah St John

Have you been looking for the one way that will truly help you change your thoughts so that you can feel better and create the life that you desire? If this is your case I would recommend getting to know Noah St. John.

Alpha Brain Waves Can Benefit Your Brain

To understand a little bit about alpha brain waves, you should know that a brainwave is an electrical impulse sent throughout your cortex that cycles at a specific rate. The alpha brainwave cycles at a speed of eight to twelve times per second. The number of electrical cycles in our brain are expressed and defined as “hertz” or “Hz.” These alpha brain waves have many positive benefits including: the ability to boost our brain power, the ability to help us relax, and the ability to help us learn at a quicker rate.

Brain Challenge Games

As we age, it’s just as important to take care of the brain as it is to take care of the rest of the body. The expression “use it or lose it” has as much to do with being mentally fit as it does with being physically fit. One way to stay mentally fit is through brain challenge games.

Explore the Power of a Binaural Beats Download

Experience the pleasures of binaural beats downloads moments after you start listening. They are easy and convenient to use and have a wide range of benefits.

Electronic Brain Games – Improve the Power of Your Brain by Playing Games

Do you know electronic brain games can stimulate your brain and help you develop an alert mind? Physical exercises strengthens and tones up muscles, increases body flexibility and helps carrying on daily activities with spurt of energy.

Practical Mind Skills – Top 5 Easy Brain Tricks For Looking Like a Speed Learning Super Genius

Get smarter today using little known mind power development tricks. Here’s my top five tips for cranking up your effective intelligence in the shortest time span without breaking a sweat doing so.

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