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Do You Link Your Thoughts?

By learning the art of linking thoughts, you learn to identify your interest, recognise your desire, accrue drive, and take action. These are the keys to take rein on your life.

Mind Power – How to Control Your Behavior

People that have never cared about their psychical world are exposed to many dangers, without imagining how fragile their mental stability is. Depending on the stimuli of their environment, they could behave in a totally different way from what they usually do, and be induced to continue behaving this way each time they are in contact with the same stimuli. This means that their behavior depends on external factors, and thus, they are not able to control their reactions and decide what to do when they are involved in abnormal or unusual circumstances.

Make Your Subconscious Serve You

Our mind is like an iceberg. When you look from outside only a tip of it is visible. The other larger half lies hidden from view. Our mind is also very similar. Only our conscious mind is visible from the surface. The unconscious part lies hidden under the surface. That said, the unconscious part of the mind is equally powerful and affects all aspects of our lives.

Solve Problems Like a Genius

Genius level thinking is not reserved only for highly mentally gifted. Geniuses have a system for how to work through problems, which they may or may not be conscious of. Once you learn the system, you can use it to solve problems the way geniuses do. The difference between them and you is that they’ve simply used their system longer than you have. Once you gain some practice with it, internalize it, and begin to use it automatically, the people in your life will see you as a genius to.

How We Can Expand Our Mind

Our mind has a lot more potential than we consciously know. Its natural to feel the need to expand it. There are many techniques which can help us with this aim, the keys to success are patience and repetition. Better mind control and increased mind power can lead us to an expanded state of mind provided that we adopt a new lifestyle where we implement the new mind expanding exercises.

The Law of Attraction and Developing Your Psychic Ability

My father was an engineer. I grew up believing that everything that existed on earth could be measured, weighed, and timed. However, since we were also Catholic, I believed just as firmly in a spiritual world. I don’t think my father did. His rule was, “God helps those who help themselves” and he lived by it.

Cognitive Psychology 101

Why do we forget? Why do we remember? All this and more can be explained by learning more about a subject called cognitive psychology.

Keep Your Mind to Stay Young by Doing 30 Minutes a Day Exercise

Of all the things we gain with age- wealth, wisdom, ear hair – a sharper mind isn’t one of them. In fact, a study by the Cognitive Drug Research Center in England shows that the average man’s cognitive abilities begin to slip around age 45.

The Power of Suggestions to Yourself and Others

The powers of suggestions can either destroy you or elevate you to your dreams and targets. Read on this article because it is one of the most interesting topic I have written so far. Hope you will enjoy it.

Are We Really Able to Learn While You Sleep?

The idea of being able to learn while you sleep has been going around for a long time. I’m sure a great many of us have at one time or another thought about the idea of multi tasking when we are sleeping by learning the syllabus for an exam or the basic stem of a new language.

Self Control – The Best All Natural Technique For Impulsive Behavior Treatment

Impulsive behavior is often caused by anxiety fear, and stress. Excitement and nervous feelings usually preempt an impulsive event which is then followed by a gratification or even relief. After the pleasure some individuals feel guilty or remorseful as their uncontrollable urges come with a high degree of distress and thoughts of losing control over themselves.

The Way to Psychic Development by Psychic Courses

Psychic development is excellent for offering advice to those in search of psychic courses. To learn to be a psychic there is a need to develop powers sometimes through psychic healing and development classes.

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