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Imagination – What If Life Doesn’t Hand You a Lemon? Imagine it Anyway!

Reality Is For People With No Imagination. Some of you have heard that before, haven’t you? That said, get ready to USE your imagination…

Isochronic Pulses

Isochronic pulses of sound are used to improve and alter your brain chemistry. This technology has been scientifically proven in numerous studies to alter the brain’s natural function often to optimize certain functions. The root of this of this technology was developed by a method called brainwave entrainment using binaural beats.

Brain Fatigue? Lose Focus? Concentration Fades? Improve Brain Health With Brain Exercise

There’s no reason you have to put up with a brain that loses focus, not being able to concentrate, brain fatigue and generally poor brain health. Get your brain moving! Enjoy brain health for a long time with these easy exercise suggestions.

Practical Mind Skills – The Simulation of Enlightenment Experience

Here’s a fascinating mind experiment you can try right where you’re sitting now. The technique is very simple and induces some very interesting states of mind and enormous shifts in your perception.

Practical Mind Skills – Super Easy 60 Second Relaxation Process

Ever spent half your meditation session trying to relax enough to get started meditating? Stop wasting time trying to relax and use this simple drill first.

Part I of V – Discovered Your Life Purpose? It’s All About Time! 1st Step – Release Your Mind

What would you do if you knew that you had 657,000 hours or 39,420,000 minutes in your life to do whatever you wanted to do in your life? Do you believe that 75 years (the average life expectancy of a human being) equivalent to 657,000 hours or 39,420,000 minutes is to little or to much time? There is no excuse for you to NOT do everything you want to do in your life time!

Have You Exercised Your Mind?

Your brain is like a muscle. The more you train it, the stronger it becomes. On the other hand, the less you train it, the weaker it becomes. It’s your responsibility to do things that improve the quality of your mind.

Motivational Audio Books – Listen and Automatically Increase Mental Powers and Reduce Stress

The unique, well-researched product is associated with high grade effective results produced by a motivational audio book. These are composed with Isochronic and Monaural Tones, producing beats that alter you brainwaves. This is not like other products with binaural beats that produce negligible results.

What is the Morry Method? – How to Use it to Improve Memory, Reduce Stress and Improve Your Life

The Morry Method, also known as Quantum Mind Power, is a technique that conditions your mind with improved cognitive skills and abilities. Named after its inventor and trained engineer in Brain Entrainment, this method helps unlock the healing power of the mind and effectively control stress, anxiety and depression.

How to Improve Your Life With Morry Zelcovitch’s Brainwave Entrainment Technology

Morry Zelcovitch has proven that brainwave entrainment can help achieve deeper states of meditation, quicker learning ability, less need for sleep because of effective sleep time, and in the treatment of depression, ADD, alcohol and drug addiction, autism. These are just a few things that can be treated.

Human Levels of Consciousness

The human brain is a very interesting and powerful tool. The hierarchy in levels of human consciousness should be the ultimate subject of our current age, yet not many are interested in the most important gifts they were provided freely, at birth.

Your Only Real Competition is Yourself!

When you look at the world of network-marketing, direct sales, being a pro-athlete or Rock-star-you see that your only true competition is yourself. Here’s my opinion on the subject…

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