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How Do I Lucid Dream – Some Basic Facts About Lucid Dreaming

There are many people who ask themselves, ‘How do I lucid dream?’ Lucid dreaming is a phenomenon unlike many others. Many people are beginning to want to become aware due to its intriguing premise. While asleep not many people are alert during this process. When someone dreams in this way they are aware of their surroundings and in turn can control them. This can be done following a few simple steps.

10 Ways To Successfully Increase Brain Function

If you want to increase your brain function, there are 10 simple ways of doing so. Firstly, try doing things differently than you usually do. For instance, try brushing your teeth using your other hand. Try showering or dressing yourself up in the dark. Introduce your senses to different tasting foods. This will increase the functions of your brain.

What Has Jewelery Got To Do With The Mind – Part One

There is a book that says that it is important to renew the mind. So why should jewelry have any thing to do with the mind? The mind can be one of our greatest treasures, just like a valued precious item of jewelery. But the sad thing is that people may not actually look after the mind as it deserves to be.

Empathic Psychic Abilities – Rare Gift or Deadly Curse?

Yes, empaths possess a rare, wonderful gift that has the power to heal and help others, but it comes at an enormous cost. Is it worth it?

Self-Revealization Acceptance – A Primer on Universal Questions and Answers

Don’t ask questions! There are no answers – certainly not in the abstract and conceptual aspect of the universe, but always, one way or another, in the physical and mundane. And, as a positive statement relative to what I just told you, there are absolutely no authorities regardless of the costumes they wear!

The Secret of Hypnogogia – Psychic Guide

Hypnogogia is a state of mind that everyone goes through, but that most people aren’t even aware of. Hypnogogia is the state of mind that you experience right before you doze off to sleep, when you aren’t completely awake, but when you’re not completely asleep either. When you experience hypnogogia, (in that state between wakefulness and sleep), you are said to be in your “hypnogogic state”.

Tips on Enjoying a Positive Outlook on Life

A lot of people chase happiness and yet few are only able to achieve it because of an essential lack of understanding of what happiness exactly is. If you want to enjoy a worry-free life, know that it’s in your power to do so. You only have to decide to be happy and you will be. To have a permanently positive outlook on life, here are a few things you can do.

You Create Your Own Reality, You Create the Heavens and the Earth

The teen daydreaming in class is often regarded as being “in his own world.” Think about how remarkably true that is. Though we share this world, the Earth, and seemingly exist with the same reality, the true world we live in his clearly of our design. And every world differs.

Simple Tips To Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Being grateful is integral to improving your happiness and well-being. Having an attitude of gratitude also helps attract more things in life to be grateful for. Read on to discover a way to start transforming your life through the power of a gratitude journal.

Puzzles and Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation programs help brain injury survivors regain their normal mental processes. Although the scope of this type of program is quite broad and may use different tools to target certain cognitive processes, puzzles prove to be one of the most effective tools used for this type of program. It has been identified that solving logical puzzles like teaching them how to do Sudoku or even solving simple crossword puzzles can help to exercise the brain.

Cornerstone For Life – Every Happy Life Depends On A Planned Foundation

Your cornerstone for your life is the absolute most important, basic, essential, and indispensable stable element for your successful future. Therefore, focus your attention on values that have been historically approved by religions and cultures such as: loyalty, humility, integrity, courage, generosity, compassion, and perseverance. Conscious knowledge of your own character, motives, desires, and feelings is absolutely necessary as you gather the ingredients to construct the cornerstone of your life. When you know yourself well, you can better utilize your strengths and weaknesses to avoid distractions by people, things, and places that are incompatible with the real you.

Understanding the Need to Focus With Commitment

Why is it important to focus with commitment? To achieve things in life can be due to a number of factors. One of the areas could be the ability to focus, to concentrate on one task at a time until you have successfully achieved it. If we look at an example, in order to burn a sheet of paper using the rays of the sun, would seem near impossible if we held the sheet of paper up to the sun. But if we concentrated all the rays of the sun using a magnifying glass we would be able to set the paper alight. So we see that by focusing the rays of the sun we can effectively set the paper on fire. This shows the power of concentration, by using concentrated effort the things that seem impossible could perhaps become possible.

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