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The Lottery Curse is in Your Head

Many people dream of winning the lottery because it will change their life. They will get out of debt, by a big house, buy their dream car, and travel. Unfortunately, most lottery winners don’t change their thoughts about money. They end up blowing all of the money and become depressed about it. Changing your mind set around money is imperative if you want to win the lottery or a ton of cash from the casinos!

Self Help Subliminal – Three Motivation Tips to Help You Develop Your Mind and Create Abundance

Self help subliminal, practicing visualization, strengthening your mind power, meditation and/or anything related to quantum physics is justifiably better than being doubtful and negative all the time and living a miserable life. Here are three motivation tips to keep you on track, help strengthen your mind power and learn to create the abundant life you deserve.

Your Subconscious Power – Manifest the Life You Deserve Using Your Mind Power

Your subconscious power. A simple definition of the law of attraction, a simple technique you can start applying today, advice on learning how to manifest your desires and a free guide to using your mind power to get the life you deserve.

Power of Mind – Law of Attraction

The energy field of an object can be changed by a single thought about the object. If the thought is positive, the energy field will become positive and in case of a negative thought about the object, the energy field will change to negative. This is the power of each and every human mind…

Power of Mind

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. There are two types of energy — positive and negative. There are two types of energy — positive and negative. The energy field of an object can be changed instantaneously by anyone by generating a single thought about the object. This is the power of the human mind…

Brainstorming in a Flash

When I first started facilitating brainstorms, you could describe them in three ways: big, formal and scheduled. Now, brainstorms are impromptu gatherings in a hallway or at a side table, people are chosen by random selection, and we’re together for no longer than 30 minutes.

Peak Performance Mindset Development is Not Just For Elite Athletes

To consistently perform at our best- reliably applying our experience and skills to the best of our ability – in any arena, depends on understanding and managing our focus and optimum state of mind. The foundation of our work with our clients provides a simple, universal and very powerful understanding of human experience and performance.

How to Win With The Subconscious Mind

If there is one thing in life you can be absolutely be sure of, it is that there will be adversity. You will face struggles in your quest to achieve any worthwhile goal. The good news is you can overcome any struggle and achieve every goal by enlisting the power of the subconscious mind in your quest.

Your Subconscious Mind Power – 5 Reasons You Need to Use It

Believe it or not, not everyone wants to discover the potential power of the subconscious. But you should know that the most powerful and successful people on earth past and present have all to some degree tapped into their subconscious and utilized the power contained within. If you do that too you can most assuredly lead an empowering and fulfilling life.

Awaken Your Mind Power – 4 Tips

Most people do not realize the power and potential the mind has. Are you one of those that may have heard of this concept? Do yourself a favor and keep an open mind towards this concept. If you learn to tap into the power of the mind, you will begin to take the steps necessary for success.

Give Your Brain a Boost

If you want to keep your brain working at its best just follow these easy tips. You will be boosting your ability to concentrate, remember and to learn. You will also help your brain to stay young.

The Subconscious Mind – Reprogramming Your Life With Visualizations

Even though sport athletes train their body very hard to become the champions that they are, they cannot put aside the visualization part which they use to be the best at what they do. The runner, the swimmer, the basket ball player or the skater, all of them know all too well the power of visualizing their every move before going to the field and execute the those moves.

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